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Moving tomorrow...First step toward GED.

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  1. 1. get my GED
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  2. 2. go to university
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  3. 3. get my tongue web pierced
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  4. 4. get my ears pointed
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  5. 5. New Years in New York
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  6. 6. see arcade fire live
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  7. 7. Have a career that I enjoy
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  8. 8. feel beautiful without makeup
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  9. 9. stop wearing makeup
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get my ears pointed

Anyone know if it’s possible to get an industrial positioned so that a short barbell would pull the ears together in a point? :3

feel beautiful without makeup

Most girls I see without makeup, I think are absolutely beautiful. I like to think that others would feel the same way about me. I love how I feel when I’m not wearing makeup, and I usually think I look better without it. But I know that it’s not what people generally find attractive, which is sad because I should be doing what makes me happy instead of worrying about other people finding me unattractive compared to girls that have the makeup loaded on. I’m getting surgery for my underbite within the next 5 months. I’m hoping that will give me the confidence to stop wearing makeup. :)

Welp, I’ve put my first makeup-less picture on Facebook. Guess I’ll post it here.


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