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keep a diary
dear diary,

well, it’s the 21st century so i thought i’d keep a blog instead and i’ve managed to post everyday for the past 2 months. It allows me to reflect on my feelings, revisit my days and share with people my thoughts and things i like. My aspirations build by the day and i guess this exercise is allowing me to work on my english and writing skills. DEFINITELY worth the 5 mins it’ll take you everyday to reflect.
It also helps that i can post straight from my mobile so i have no excuse to forget to go online.

be more social
be friendly

i used to be more of a social butterfly in high school than i am now in university. I felt intrusive when i just sat next to someone, hoping they weren’t waiting for someone else to sit next to them. But i guess i’ve come to realise not everyone in uni are close tight knit friends, they’re class buddies and it is that way which allows you you say “yeah i know _ they’re in my class.”

backpack across europe

I want to try spend less than $5000 AU.
I know it’s possible. I just need someone who is willing to do this with me :)

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