new year.. new me

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travel the world (read all 2 entries…)
Well I think I can tick this off because

Well right now my parents are going through a rough time financially.

Places I have travelled in my 14 years

1. South Africa (as I was born and reared there for 10 years, such a diverse place with a desert, beaches and beautiful mountains. No other place will be anywhere near as close to my heart as there.)

2. London ( nice city enjoyed the museums and Oxford street)

3. Paris ( Very fashionable and beautiful city)

4. Rome ( Very ancient and brown city)

5. * Ireland*( where I reside for the next few years )

Soon hopefully Norway as my dad might work there

I think travelling enhances the mind and spirit and is something that is essential for everyone to do

Eat more fruits and vegetables
So much healthier

I eat so much better than a few months ago,
It used to be sweets chocolate and chips
Now its more fruit, yoghurt and oatmeal

weigh 80kg (read all 3 entries…)

I used to be 95 now 91 hopefully will get it down
Finding I eat a lot less, but then again its the hols

hair (read all 2 entries…)

So I want to have good conditioned frizz free nicely cut hair. Riteo

get along better with my parents
Its worth it

Well before I used to scream at them at every given oppurtunity. But I have matured so know I can speak rationally about things* ( well most:D)

Study More Often

Its the summer no studing for the next 2 months party time people

Make 2008 my best year yet
Okay so far

This is my achievements this year so far from the top of my head

1 Been to paris
2 Got good enough marks in my report
3 Made good friends
4 Enjoyed school:O
5 Getting fit
6 Learned too cook a few dishes
7 Totally cleaned my room
8 Found a guy i liked
9 Going to college soon

be more organized (read all 4 entries…)

Bedroom is done omg am delighted now
Never thought I would get it done

have my picture in the newspaper

It was nice seeing my name down saying I scored a goal and a picture in a few newspapers, the only thing is they spelt my second name wrong:(

See Big Ben


Shop on Oxford Street

It was brill lovely clothes dresses etc
Had no money though:(

be more organized (read all 4 entries…)

Still need to organise
my room ( omg dont even want to look in there)
the kitchen
my clothes
finances (am owed a lot of money)
shoes ( they are all over the place- in the car in the lounge ….)
my life!!!!:P

travel the world (read all 2 entries…)

These are the places I have been so far in my 14 years:P
1 South Africa
2 Ireland
3 Lesotho
4 Paris France
5 Amsterdam Holland
6 London UK
7 Rome Italy

Doing good so far:D

drink more water

I have been drinking more water!!!I drink now 3 500 ml bottles daily!!!its a very big improvement!!
I dont drink sodas anymore!!!And i try to stay away from coffee and tea!!!!!!I am very happy!!!

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