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learn german (read all 2 entries…)
Haven't practiced

In ages :( currently feeling like I’m not smart enough to learn German. Although I was practising every day it never really seemed to sink in and now I’m feeling pretty disheartened. Going to have to make sure I pick it up again asap.

knit every day (read all 2 entries…)
Made good

On this so far. I’ve been doing some knitting for a company in Scotland so I’ve been working on the order every day.

be fit and healthy (read all 8 entries…)
Not going too badly

Far from perfect, but I’m joining the gym with a girl from my new job tonight, which I’m really looking forward to. Unfortunately my Crohn’s flared this weekend so I’m feeling pretty rough, but I’m putting myself on a liquid diet for a while with the hopes of warding it off before it had chance to get worse.

get a job (read all 2 entries…)
Absolutely loving my new job!

I started training on Monday, and I’m loving it so far! I’ve done this sort of work before and I loved it when I did it, so I’m really chuffed to have got this far! I was also told that the other 12 people from my interview group didn’t get through, so knowing I was the only one of 13 to be selected for the role felt preeetty good. Yay!

be fit and healthy (read all 8 entries…)
Stressful weekend

This weekend I had a house viewing, and although the house was lovely I decided against taking it for financial reasons. But this, paired with the fact that I started my new job today pushed all of my healthy living out of the window.

Clearly comfort eating is not yet something I have managed to completely control, but I’ve given myself a little leeway all things considered.

I will be having a fast day tomorrow so hopefully I’ll feel a little better about things as my tummy is feeling sore now.

Read all the books on the BBC Big Read Top 100 (read all 2 entries…)
Currently Reading

Great Expectations

move out

As I start my new job soon, hopefully I should be able to afford to move out soon. I’m currently living with my Grandparents, who brought me up from being a toddler. I love them very much, but I miss having the independence of being self reliant. Above all I miss having PRIVACY. For some reason they don’t seem to realise that I should be allowed my own space that is just mine, and they often come into my room without knocking or checking that it’s okay.

I’m 23 years old, I’ve lived alone for 3 years, and it’s really starting to become a drag after being back home for a year and a half. I need to get away.

I keep looking at nice houses that are affordable, and I’ve seen some really pleasant ones. I think I need to hold out for maybe another month, but in the meantime that allows me to start accruing the things I will need, such as a kettle and toaster etc.

I’m so excited to get back my independence and feel like an adult again.

Get organized (read all 6 entries…)
4. Music on phone and computer

This one is going to take a loooong time but I’m doing a little bit every day. There’s an awful lot of music on my phone that I never listen to and skip past whenever it comes on shuffle, so I’m going to go through all of my music and delete the stuff I don’t listen to.

Then I’m going to download all the music I want and get that nicely organised too.

be fit and healthy (read all 8 entries…)
Cancer Free!!!

I feel that this definitely comes under the heading of being fit and healthy. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma, and yesterday I went for my dermatology department where he told me I am now discharged and he thinks I’m at very little risk of the cancer coming back – WOOHOOOO!

Aside from that, I’ve been walking every day, averaging around 5000 steps a day. I know it’s not very much but for me it’s an awful lot, and I’ve been exhausted every day, but I can feel myself slowly getting stronger. I didn’t manage to go for a walk today as my stomach and joints have been playing up, but I will be starting again tomorrow.

Get organized (read all 6 entries…)
3. Finances

I’ve written up a budget that takes into consideration all of my income and expenses, and I will make an effort to update it regularly with specific details of what I’ve spent.

be fit and healthy (read all 8 entries…)

I’ve so far kept up to doing some walking every day. Strangely I have found that when going out for a walk, I do much less steps in a day, than I do when I’m out say, shopping for example. I had a lovely weekend with my boyfriend, and walked an awful lot, but my dietary goals definitely slipped. We had a family party scheduled, plus a date night yesterday, so I ate quite a lot, HOWEVER, I feel that I personally have made some progress in that I made healthier decisions based on the way I felt, and made a massive effort to thoroughly chew my food (which is important for my digestive pain).

This morning I have done 2350 steps, which isn’t as many as I would have liked, and I was going to go for a proper walk later, but I’ve been wearing some new boots and now I have blisters so I think I’m going to let them rest today whilst I catch up on some other goals I did not achieve this weekend due to the busy schedule.

knit every day (read all 2 entries…)
An easy one but still important

I love to knit, but very often when I’m feeling exhausted I can’t be bothered. I feel if I make it a bit of a resolution it will give me more motivation to do it every day, and I will hopefully get my current projects finished faster!

learn to drive (read all 3 entries…)

I have been wanting to learn to drive for years, and have had many lessons and passed my theory (which has now run out), but my issue has always been money.

I have just found out I will definitely be starting my new job in 17 days (argh!) which means once I am out of my overdraft I will start learning again.

I can’t decide whether I should move out and then start learning, or the other way around. I know it would be easier to do it financially whilst still at home, but at 23 I am really missing the independence and privacy I loved when living alone.

Get organized (read all 6 entries…)
2. My art and craft supplies

This I personally feel is a fun one. I have an incredibly amount of arty/crafty supplies and tools, and I very rarely use most of them. I have them all as I have worked on many different projects over the last 5 years, and I sort of hoarded things and only used them for one project!

I’m going to go through all of my boxes, throwing away products that I don’t use, or can’t think of any use for. If there is a product I don’t want to get rid of, I have to find a valid project in which to use it, and if I haven’t started (or finished) the project within 6 months, it needs to be discarded.

This is most fun for me, because it also means I can update the products I do intend and want to use a lot more. I’m currently really enjoying water colours painting on canvas, (a little unconventional but beautiful all the same) and I need a set of high quality tube water colour paints, and some high quality paint brushes too.

Very excited to start this one!

Get organized (read all 6 entries…)
1. My Room

After Christmas my room always becomes a huge tip, with excessive amounts of clutter. The fact that I am currently really low on energy makes it difficult to get anything done, however the mess in my room is causing increasing levels of anxiety – rock and a crazy place!

So the things that need sorting (in particular order) are:

1. Wardrobe

I have a nice neat pile of clothes that are waiting to be repaired, and some that are waiting to me modified or altered. I really need to get these jobs done so my wardrobe is nice and tidy again, and I can actually find what I need to wear. Starting Monday I will aim to repair one item of clothing per day, as it really shouldn’t take that long, it’s just finding the motivation to do it.

2. Bookcase

My bookcase is very full of crap, and not very full of books. I don’t really have many books anymore as I read everything on my kindle, so my bookcase is actually much too big for my collection, however I do need somewhere to store my knitting books (which I will never get rid of!) I need to a find a more efficient way of organising my shelves so they don’t just look cluttered and disorganised.

3. TiVo

I know this isn’t technically organising, but I need to stop Virgin from renewing my TiVo account. I can’t afford to continue with it, I don’t really watch much TV anyway, and I feel like there are more productive uses of my time and money.

4. Airing Cupboard

This is where I store all the things I don’t want people to see, but when I have to open it for something everything comes tumbling out and it’s quite a pain. I really need to go through the cupboard and find out what can have a different home, whether that is somewhere else in my room, or to be sold or donated.

5. University work

I still have all of my Uni work, which takes up a lot of space. I have hundreds of A3 sketch books full of samples and drawings. I hae sorted some of them, but I still have a lot to go. I want to go through each one removing all of the soft textile pieces, and the drawings I am most proud of. I will hopefully one day make all the samples into a big University blanket, and use the drawings to put together a portfolio of my work.

be fit and healthy (read all 8 entries…)

Went for another walk this morning, walked as if I was on my way to where I will (hopefully) be working soon. I didn’t get very far, but I still walked further than I managed yesterday. I definitely need to keep this up, the only issue is even walking a small distance I’m now completely exhausted and feel like I need to get back to bed.

I am pretty annoyed about how yesterday panned out, I was all tucked up in bed, ready to go to sleep, feeling hungry but proud that I’d managed to put my health ahead of my desire to eat, and then I ended up having to get up to take my Nanna to the hospital as she was feeling really unwell again and needed another blood transfusion. I’m annoyed at my lack of will power I suppose, but I knew there was no way I could sit waiting in the hospital for the next few hours and remain calm and not binge if I didn’t eat something before I went.

I ate some left over Christmas food, (which if I do have histamine intolerance was a very silly idea) and this morning my rashes have worsened and my stomach is fairly tender. I was brought up to despise seeing food wasted, so not eating left overs will be very difficult for me!

Get organized (read all 6 entries…)
List time!

Areas of my life I want to declutter and organise

1. My room (which at the moment is also where I live and work)
2. My art and craft supplies
3. My finances
4. Music on my phone and computer

(I will then post an individual list for each of these areas of how to attack and complete each goal.)

be fit and healthy (read all 8 entries…)
Day one of the liquid fast

It’s been difficult so far, and my stomach has been painful all day as a result of all the bad food I’ve been eating over the last few weeks. I have felt the urge to eat, but on careful consideration realised I’m not actually hungry, and in fact feel a little bit sick. I’ve always eaten as a comfort when ill, I’m one of the only people I know who can sit and trough a takeaway to cheer me up when I felt sick before hand – not a healthy habit. Towards the end of the day my stomach cramps have finally started to wain a little bit, which is good news, as I’ve been cramping for days now.

I’ve made sure to drink plenty, and also managed to get out for a walk when I woke up this morning. Going for the walk made me realise just how important this resolution is to me – I walked 1 mile in 20 minutes, and I was exhausted and in pain at the end of it.

I’ve decided that if I can make walking every day a habit, after 30 days I will treat myself by buying a phone arm strap so I can listen to my music without worrying about dropping my phone. I am feeling quite motivated and keep thinking about other exercises I could do, but I always work myself too hard at the beginning which then puts me off, so I’m going to attempt to take it very slowly, building up stamina each day.

be fit and healthy (read all 8 entries…)
Liquid fast and histamine intolerance testing

To some people this may seem incredibly unhealthy, but my symptoms have been flaring up again, and whenever I end up in hospital all they really do is keep my fluids up, starve me, and give me painkillers. I’m hoping by starting the year in the same manner I won’t need another prolonged stay in hospital, and will be well enough to work once my job starts on January 20th.

I will start the liquid fast on the 2nd of January, as due to my Nanna’s ill health we were unable to celebrate Christmas at the time, so we are doing it on New Years Day instead. It will run until the 9th. I will drink plenty in order to keep hydrated, including water, tea, coffee, and possibly hot chocolate when I’m feeling very hungry.

From the 10th onwards I will be doing a “low histamine diet”, where I only eat foods that contain no, or very little levels of histamine, and I will do this for one month, when I will start gradually bringing these foods back in.

This is to test myself for histamine intolerance, as I keep being told that my Crohn’s is currently very mild, or in remission, and because of this my doctors can’t understand why I keep having symptoms and just keep giving me IBS treatments which don’t help at all. Not only that, the majority of my symptoms are extra-intestinal, such as rashes, joint pain, chronic fatigue etc – symptoms that aren’t really a part of IBS.

Fingers crossed this will get to the bottom of what’s wrong, and I’ll see a rise in my overall health!

finish projects

I have a few projects on the go at the moment, and there’s nothing I hate more than ending the year with a load of unfinished business, so I’m posting here to keep myself accountable.

To complete:
1. Knitted blanket to use up yarn stash
2. Purple and orange shawl
3. Braille inspired cushion
4. Lace chenille cowl
5. Knitted tank top
6. Poppy watercolour painting
7. Dress

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