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I have about $10,000 in credit card debt. Yikes!! It started in college and continued when I was not able to get a job with my degree after graduating. I started working at numerous non profit organizations (I have a psychology degree) and those places either lost funding, clients, or closed unexpectedly. Off and on for the last 3 years when I went through periods of unemployment I was living off of my credit card. Bad idea! Rent, electricity, car payments, doctor bills, Christmas presents for my family, gas, groceries, EVERYTHING was paid for with my credit card. Before I realized it I had hit and exceeded $10,000. My independence cost me and is still costing me. I am currently working on a Masters degree and looking for a job so that I can begin getting my debt under control. It is hard to do anything with no income coming in. But once I get a job I can begin my journey to financial freedom.


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