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  1. 1. Make New Friends
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  2. 2. Go to College in March
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  3. 3. Buy new Contacts
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  4. 4. Go raw!
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  5. 5. Win a Free Ipod!!
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  6. 6. Visit my Mom and Brother
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  7. 7. Make A Budget
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  8. 8. trust one person completely
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win a free ipod (read all 2 entries…)

hey, um, i need the help of the world. This win a free ipod thing has led to a contest between a friend and I, it’s not who can win a free macbook faster. i need twenty refferals, you just have to sign up for a credit card offer you don’t really have to use it. Will you help me reach a goal please??

the link is

please help me please.

Anyway, I want a macbook for college. I’m starting in March if i can get the money up, but I don’t have any extra money for things like this, I thought this would help me.

trust one person completely
I want to be able to trust a friend

and do so completly, without holding back, and without having to wonder or worry what they think of me. it’s kind of pointless to trust someone if you can’t do it wholly. i think it would be good for me to have that kind of relationship.

And it’s another thing to trust someone and for them not to trust you back. I’m trustworthy, but i guess I can’t control who others trust. So a little trust back would be nice, of course, but that person doesn’t have to trust me 100% on everything. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and it might not ever happen to me.

make a budget
I want to make a budget, and then STICK to it

if I make a budget and stick to it, i won’t always spend my money and be broke ALL of the time, will I? that would be nice.

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