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Besides learning kanji through my college courses [ using Genki, Basic Kanji Book ], I found readthekanji.com to be very useful for learning kanji in context. Knowing kanji by themselves and all of the readings is too overwhelming a task. Learning the kanji in context is much more beneficial in my opinion. You learn vocabulary AND kanji readings that way. :)
Another good thing is to become at least passingly familiar with radicals. It helps for writing and also for reading because instead of seeing a kanji and it being a mess of strokes everywhere, you can instead break it down and see the kanji is made up of 3 radicals. Much easier for memorization. :)
http://japanese.about.com/library/weekly/aa070101a.htm might be a useful place to gain a cursory familiarity with radicals, for those who are just starting out.


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