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get a sewing machine
finally decided to spend the money on a sewing machine

I asked my grandma to give me a training on how to sew. Spend 2 hours in her house to learn the basic. And then I decided to research online to find the sewing machine that fits my needs. and bought it :-)

Sleep before 10:30
sleep before 10:30

I normally sleep around 11:30 and then I have to get up at 7:00. I usually didn’t get enough Sleep by doing that. and I have a huge black circle under my eyes. I need to start sleeping before 10:30 from now now. I find out that during the weekend, I only need to sleep till 8:00 am (provide that I can sleep as long as I want). So that mean I only need the extra hour, and sleep before 10:30 will provide me enough sleep

write something everyday
I start writing blogs

I start writing blogs on a website, so that I can write something everyday, small or big.

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