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Joe Mayer

is depressed that the U.S. has set itself up to become a police state.

I'm doing 41 things

Joe Mayer's Life List

  1. 1. Get out of the house and do something every weekend
    36 entries . 366 cheers
    18 people
  2. 2. Go back to college
    9 entries . 271 cheers
    950 people
  3. 3. get rid of all my clutter
    8 entries . 136 cheers
    1,098 people
  4. 4. Learn Spanish
    2 entries . 122 cheers
    18,259 people
  5. 5. Record a song and upload it to
    6 entries . 103 cheers
    39 people
  6. 6. Get a digital SLR camera
    1 entry . 95 cheers
    667 people
  7. 7. Try a new recipe each week
    8 entries . 95 cheers
    182 people
  8. 8. Actually meet face-to-face with someone from 43 Things
    1 entry . 86 cheers
    91 people
  9. 9. Go bowling more often
    5 entries . 78 cheers
    34 people
  10. 10. Save $10,000 to put a down payment on a house
    1 entry . 80 cheers
    1 person
  11. 11. visit all 50 states
    3 entries . 70 cheers
    9,057 people
  12. 12. Finish recording the song I wrote for my girlfriend
    1 entry . 67 cheers
    1 person
  13. 13. Sell stuff on Craigslist
    2 entries . 58 cheers
    17 people
  14. 14. Give my girlfriend the space she needs without becoming too distant
    56 cheers
    1 person
  15. 15. Make new friends
    1 entry . 51 cheers
    13,751 people
  16. 16. write in my journal daily for a year
    100 entries . 47 cheers
    12 people
  17. 17. re-design my website
    8 entries . 42 cheers
    492 people
  18. 18. Write one note, message or e-mail to a person every day
    1 entry . 40 cheers
    1 person
  19. 19. Finish Mom's cross stitch project
    4 entries . 33 cheers
    1 person
  20. 20. Copy my records on to CD
    1 entry . 30 cheers
    3 people
  21. 21. Actually finish one of my programs and post it to the Web
    1 entry . 21 cheers
    1 person
  22. 22. Organize my storage unit better
    3 entries . 20 cheers
    1 person
  23. 23. Clean the upstairs spare room and use it more
    1 entry . 21 cheers
    1 person
  24. 24. Get a wind synthesizer
    1 entry . 22 cheers
    1 person
  25. 25. Design a cross stitch pattern
    1 entry . 19 cheers
    1 person
  26. 26. Rip the rest of my CD collection to my computer
    1 entry . 14 cheers
    1 person
  27. 27. Take a picture of all 50 state capitol buildings
    17 cheers
    1 person
  28. 28. Finish all of the draft entries I've partially written on my blog
    2 entries . 14 cheers
    1 person
  29. 29. Sell my old rollerblades
    13 cheers
    1 person
  30. 30. Start working on a model train layout
    8 cheers
    1 person
  31. 31. Build a rack to house my souvenir spoons
    10 cheers
    1 person
  32. 32. Build a rack to house my souvenir shot glasses
    1 entry . 12 cheers
    2 people
  33. 33. Get a pedal MIDI controller
    1 entry . 10 cheers
    1 person
  34. 34. Sell my old oscilloscopes
    1 entry . 7 cheers
    4 people
  35. 35. Put together a photo-essay CD of our West Coast trip
    13 cheers
    1 person
  36. 36. Finish writing my GPS program in Java
    11 cheers
    1 person
  37. 37. Put together a photo-essay CD of our Boston trip
    1 entry . 8 cheers
    1 person
  38. 38. Get my MCTS for SQL Server 2008 Admin & Maintenance
    3 entries . 3 cheers
    1 person
  39. 39. Get the casters put on the side tables
    1 entry . 4 cheers
    1 person
  40. 40. Read another 100 books and write an entry for each one
    1 entry . 20 cheers
    1 person
  41. 41. Scan and shred 10 documents a day for the rest of May and June 2014
    1 person

How I did it
How to write 100,000 words on 750 Words
It took me
86 days
It made me

How to sell my old car
It took me
3 days
It made me

How to take one photograph a day for a month
It took me
31 days
It made me

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Recent entries
play in a band again (read all 16 entries…)
Medicinal Bourbon

So, out of the blue, when I’d practically given up on finding a band around here, a friend mentions me on Facebook to a group that is looking for a bass player. They’re almost the exact opposite of some of the bands that I’ve played in before, where we practiced and practiced and practiced, but wound up self-destructing for one reason or another before we ever got out and played live.

No, this band, Medicinal Bourbon, plays mostly classic blues and blues-based music, and we had two practices together before we went out and covered their first scheduled gig. As I told someone else later, we were lucky that only three hobos and a circus elephant were killed in that train wreck. But all five of the audience members had fun, and it wasn’t bad for the band either. We’ve played two more shows since then, and though the guitar player has had to step down due to prior career commitments, we have a replacement already and will carry on. First practice with the new guy is next week…

Try a new recipe each week (read all 8 entries…)
Starting over, week #1

Today, I made Honey Oatmeal Cookies. My girlfriend is out visiting a friend this evening, and that friend requested cookies, preferably oatmeal. The GF says that whenever she makes them they usually turn out like little bricks, so I told her I’d give it a try. The description for this recipe says they come out, “Soft and flaky. Good tasting.” I would say that’s fairly accurate. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough honey, but I improvised, using maple syrup (the real stuff) and a little brown sugar to make up the difference.

General results: Not bad, even though oatmeal cookies aren’t exactly on the top of my list of favorites…

Get out of the house and do something every weekend (read all 36 entries…)
It's the new year...

And therefore a good time to try to get a new start on some of the things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I think I’ve actually been doing this goal pretty much straight for the past year, but I’ve just been slack on updating it much of the time. But I figure I want to definitely get out and do something each weekend and have updates on it for all of 2012 before I mark it as complete. So, without further ado…

Yesterday, the girlfriend and I went down to Lewisville to a friend’s house for a New Year’s Eve party. It was a pretty fun get-together, about a dozen or so people.

Then today, we took the dog down to Petsmart to get a couple of things and then over to the dog park for an hour or so. So, one weekend so far this year, one weekend getting out into the world and doing some stuff…

Oh, and the picture is of Ernie, our corgi, all harnessed up and ready to head out to the car…

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