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  1. 1. Be more confident
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  2. 2. Go ice fishing
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  3. 3. watch a baseball game in every mlb stadium
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  4. 4. Drive across the USA
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  5. 5. Stop being lonely
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    89 people
  6. 6. have a house with hidden rooms and trap doors, and some kind of secret tunnel
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  7. 7. Be a writer
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  8. 8. Live in my own place
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  9. 9. Bike Highway 1 all the way down the coast
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  10. 10. Find my calling in life
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  11. 11. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
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    337 people
  12. 12. live on the road
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  13. 13. walk across america
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  14. 14. Kayak the Gulf of California
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  15. 15. Save more money
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  16. 16. Run more
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  17. 17. Live life to the fullest
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  18. 18. Climb Mount Shasta
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  19. 19. Buy a Subaru
    12 people
  20. 20. Find my soulmate
    3,215 people
  21. 21. Buy a house
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  22. 22. Join a gym
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  23. 23. Bike across america
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  24. 24. Drive the Baha 1000
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  25. 25. Watch the Iditarod
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  26. 26. Do Habitat for Humanity
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  27. 27. Work on a fishing boat
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  28. 28. Travel the world
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    21,165 people

How I did it
How to beat my depression
It took me
21 years
It made me
Depression Free!

How to get a massage
It took me
26 years
It made me
Feel Very Relaxed

How to move to Alaska
It took me
26 years
It made me

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Recent entries
work on a fishing boat
I've kinda done this

I worked on a barge, processing ship, and catcher processor. I had a lot of fun and saw many places while working in Alaska, but I want to be a fisherman. I was offered a job to work on a salmon fishing boat in The Prince William Sound, but it didn’t quite go through. But I haven’t lost hope yet, I have a book with many addresses and phone numbers to many fishing company’s and captains that operate in Alaska.

watch the iditarod

While visiting family in Alaska, I found out I’m realated to Joe Remington (the guy who started the Iditarod) he is my third cousin. Because of this I think it would be quite an experience to watch the event. Also it’s a family business, so I’m related to alot of people that are involed in the race.

Beat my depression
I beat my depression

I’ve been depressed my whole life, and have tried to kill myself since I was 9 years old. I’m now 24 years old and the last time I tried something was four days before my 21st birthday. After going to the hospital, I was taken to Yuba-Sutter Mental health for a week or two. It marked the second time I’d been there. When I got home I decided I no longer wanted to hurt myself, and I didn’t want to live with the pain from depression anymore. So I wrote a poem that I dedicated to everybody whose ever had sucidal tendencies. I named it “Why Say Goodbye And Be Set Free To Fly?” Now whenever I think of doing something to myself, I just read the poem, and and the thoughts of depression go away immediately. Since writing my poem I have only had two episodes. Other then that I now live my life extremely happy, depression free. (I’m sorry I will not put my poem up on the internet, do too fear of getting it stolen) But I plan on getting it published soon, so it will help you also.

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