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Joscelyn77's Life List

  1. 1. start my own business
    4 cheers
    9,331 people
  2. 2. Write a cookbook and have it published
    4 people
  3. 3. write a book and have it published
    2,684 people
  4. 4. travel
    9,207 people
  5. 5. be better at small talk
    95 people
  6. 6. get a passport
    1,683 people
  7. 7. save money
    16,486 people
  8. 8. get another tattoo
    3,411 people
  9. 9. learn to meditate
    1,857 people
  10. 10. expand my vocabulary
    2,666 people
  11. 11. wake up when my alarm clock goes off
    7,426 people
  12. 12. learn another language
    2 cheers
    4,243 people
  13. 13. take a photography class
    1,614 people
  14. 14. take a dance class
    905 people
  15. 15. fall in love
    27,235 people
  16. 16. win the lottery
    4,029 people
  17. 17. sky dive
    2,658 people
  18. 18. learn how to rollerblade
    1 cheer
    51 people
  19. 19. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
    1 cheer
    21,522 people
  20. 20. bungee jump
    3,927 people
  21. 21. go camping
    2,911 people
  22. 22. improve my credit score
    335 people
  23. 23. Get more sleep
    4,451 people
  24. 24. Read more books
    11,845 people
  25. 25. get out of debt
    12,201 people
  26. 26. learn sign language
    8,514 people
  27. 27. finish college
    3,498 people
  28. 28. Organize my iTunes library (rank, info etc.)
    136 people
  29. 29. learn to read lips
    192 people
  30. 30. take better care of my teeth
    576 people
  31. 31. have better posture
    8,007 people
  32. 32. exercise daily
    2,323 people
  33. 33. Find what makes me truly happy
    14 people
  34. 34. have a flat stomach
    2,366 people
  35. 35. pay off my student loan
    685 people
  36. 36. Design and build my own house
    1,761 people
  37. 37. take karate lessons
    31 people
  38. 38. open my own business
    407 people
  39. 39. Write a book about my life
    262 people
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watch less tv
TV On Occasion

Canceling the cable was the main step.

Even though I get a few channels with rabbit ears I am not glued to the television as much and it feels great. There are ways around that like catching shows on line. That’s not too bad either.

The hardest part was letting go of my soaps. I had watched since birth. It’s not been hard at all. Any day I am home during the week, all I have to do is turn on the tube and I can catch up in 15 minutes. It’s great.

Let go the TV. It’s so worth it.

live in New York City
New York, Here I come.

I was born in New York. I left at the age of 10, not by choice. Ever since that time I wanted to move back. It’s something I have spoken about many times.

Well I’m doing it. My lease was near its end and so I took the plunge. I gave my letter of resignation to my job and I gave my notice to not renew at my complex.

I feel greaaaaat! I am selling everything and only taking basics. Just me, my car and a trailer filled with my life.

I am going to miss FL but NY is where my heart has always been at.

So much to do and handle. All I am doing is taking it one thing at a time. It seems to be working thus far.

I don’t have a job yet but I don’t have any worries there. I know with my experience I will be just fine.

And, a family member has generously opened their home to me for a few months until I land on my feet.

God is great. Thank you. He’s opening doors and windows for me left and right. I know this is right for me. I know this is the right thing.

I am set to arrive 10.1.08

Wish me luck!

get a laptop

Best way to go!!!

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