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move to hawaii
Holy shit...I did it!

Today, after nearly 4 years of trying, keeping it in my consciousness, failing, not believing, then focusing all of my energy on one singular end, I’m here, typing from a magical farm on Oahu. It’s surreal.

I’ve had some out of body experiences that last for a moment, but never a whole day like today. As I typed that, the version of “Over the Rainbow” by Hawaiian artist Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwo’ole came on. No way! My life is totally synchronous.

My host picked me up, and took me sailing in Kaneohe Bay before I even got to the farm. And the farm? I feel like I’m in a movie. The farm is on a mountain that overlooks another mountain. Aside from you normal papayas, avacados, and other Hawaiian greatness growing, we have cacao growing here, and they make their own chocolate.

Really? Is this my life? REALLY?

I’m about to go to sleep, and don’t want to. My dreams will pale in comparison.

weigh less than 200 lbs
I'd be 12.5% body fat

I’m right about 175 pounds of lean mass, so if I don’t lose any (I shouldn’t), I can get to just under 200 without being excessive.

Hmmm…I can turn this into a Blog entry? I should have written something worth reading by others…maybe.

become a senator
Do I really want to do this?

This is a test for

Do I really want to become a senator? You cannot play in dirt without getting dirty yourself, right?

And for the hell of it, I’m attaching a picture of downtown St. Petersburg, FL. I took it today as I was flying around a little.

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