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  2. 2. invent something
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  3. 3. run a marathon
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  4. 4. become a humanitarian engineer
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  5. 5. Learn to fly
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  6. 6. Never stop learning
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  7. 7. strengthen the relationships I already have
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  8. 8. Learn another language
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Learn another language
Have always wanted to learn another language

will be doing this with rosetta stone, just gotta do it gradually, but consistently. Maybe I have too many other goals?

strengthen the relationships I already have
I can be quite individual, but want to appreciate the people around me

Overseas and want to maintain all my relationships from back home and over here.

Never stop learning
Never stop learning! There are so many things I want to know, but need to organise them

I drive alot for my job and I have recently discovered podcasts of lectures that will allow me to structure my learning. But now have gone through lecture series in history and maths, but really want to structure it and write notes on each. Because apparently if you write notes on something you learnt at stages after, the retention rate is much much higher.

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