Juliane Marques

love unconditionally.
love love love

everyday you can love more and more and more…
for ever, and always….

that´s love for your family, for yourself, for your friends and for your life.

Take a trip
itapetinga aí fui eu!

fui visitar minha amada amiga e sua família super dedicada e divertida =D

inspire someone
everyone inspire everyone

all the time.

including you and you and me too.

swin naked in the sea at night
it was a raining day!

and i just go there, and did it!

it was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

Be a Rock Star
i´m a rocker

i´ve just realized =p
that i allready am.

find something i'm great at, not something i'm good at

music is my life, my love, my husband, myself.

record a cd

need to record my band CD with ours songs <3

decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life (read all 2 entries…)

i´ll rock ´till the end of the days

have a job
conseguir um emprego!

pra ter dinheiro e comprar uma bike pra poder ir pro emprego… depois economizar muito, comprar uma moto e viajar por aí =D

Worry less.
fuck up life =p

live a lot and care about yourself and the one you love =]

dedicate a song to my mother
"if i told ya"

This is the name of the song.
Of all my songs, this become my treasure.

All the sadness inside me are floating in the air right now.
I loved her and i will always do.

use my creativity
simple acts and thoughs

everything is exposed in front of me becomes the target of several strands of thoughts that lead me to new visions and realities.

Find my purpose in life
its just a simple decision


i´ll live for music, with music and be music… or something like that =p

kiss more
kiss kiss kiss

the goal is not the more objective that I have, but I kissed a lot lately, different people, and all were very good so I decided to put this goal as accomplished!

See Mika Live (read all 2 entries…)
Mika live @ Planeta Terra Festival Brazil

I went to the gig and it was SO amazing, Mika is perfect, he has the energy of the world! And he´s só beautiful.

See Mika Live (read all 2 entries…)
Planete Terra Festival 2010

Saturday I’ll go with my friends at a music festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Mika will do a gig there and I’m excited because I am in love with his music since 2006 and now I will have the opportunity to see him live!

decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life (read all 2 entries…)

I feel I could wake up every morning and think: life is worth living, every second, every emotion, every word and every song. And also know that life is a journey not a destination, and that sometimes I should look to the sky and shout: I’m alive, I’m living, I love without fear.

rescue/adopt a dog

Quando eu tinha 15 anos eu fui ao canil e conheci o “amor da minha vida [forma canina]”.
Foi a melhor escolha que eu fiz naquele ano, adotar meu ruivo lindo, adorável, educado e carinhoso!

write a song

é só sentir o que vem de dentro e soltar a voz, pegar o violão e fechar os olhos!
just feel what comes from inside, sing, pick up the guitar and close your eyes!

live not exist!
viver viver viver!

preciso sair por aí e correr o mundo e sentir [a vida]



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