own my own business and be my own boss!!!!!
I own my own business

And I work harder for me than I ever have for anyone else…
but I love it, and it’s fun, flexible, and I’m in charge. Not bad!

have identical twins
I have identical twin boys

I wouldn’t wish it on many; I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Get a tattoo
Worth it!

I have one on my big toe and one on my hip – they are fun! I would not recommend one on the belly if you are a female – they get WAY out of whack during pregnancies! :)

Quilt! It's great!

I’ve been quilting for 11 years and love it!

Make a quilt
I have been quilting for 11 years

And I love it! Now it’s my full-time job and it’s great.

make a quilt out of t-shirts
It's my job, and I love it!

If you don’t get around to it, I’ll be glad to do it for you :)



Make my T-shirt quilt
I do it for my job!

And I love it!
If you don’t get around to it, I’ll do it for you :)


make an old t-shirt blanket
Make a t-shirt quilt!

It’s my job, and I’d be happy to do it for you! I love making t-shirt quilts!

have 4 kids
4 kids in less than 4 years

So I maybe wouldn’t recommend having them so close together, but nothing beats hugs from your kids, and tucking them in at night and looking at their peaceful sleeping faces…

- Mom of a 6 year old, twin 4 year olds, and a 2 year old.



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