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  1. 1. Make an original music CD (that I can be proud of)
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  2. 2. run a marathon
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  3. 3. manage my finances better
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  4. 4. go zorbing
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  5. 5. read the Bible daily
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  6. 6. Skydive
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  7. 7. go horse back riding
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  8. 8. Take a cruise.
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run a marathon
Wow....big goal

I don’t run. But I want to. Need to do some training, but I know it’s possible. One day I shall accomplish this goal.

Make an original music CD (that I can be proud of)
Soon, very soon....

I have had songs inside my head that need to come out!! Come forth, I say, come forth!! God has given me some songs that are fully complete with harmonies, instrumental interludes – the works. And other’s that are just hooks that I know He will complete over time, or maybe when I take that first step to get it recorded. I am not looking for fame or fortune or golf claps. I just want to hear the music the way I hear it in my head and the way God intended it. (and maybe play it for family and friends.) I’m not trying to go global or be a household name. I just want to sing this music the Lord has given me and glorify GOD!!

Already have my album cover! haha!


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