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  1. 1. start a business
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  2. 2. have a cleaning lady
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  3. 3. sail across the atlantic
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  4. 4. be a cowboy
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be a cowboy
Have a Cowboy attitude!

I want to have a modern cowboy attitude. He is stratght, takes action, have fun, dont worry, is energized, cool, charm girls etc… More an attitude for me ;)

sail across the atlantic
Because I can!

I have sailed since I was 9 (now 27) in all kind of boats from Lasers to 50 foot yachts in the carribean…

Now, i want to cross the atlantic in a sailboat! What an adventure. I think it is best from Europe (Carnary Islands) to Carribean! I can crew and skipper some, but I just need to find a boat!

have a cleaning lady
Because I dont want to waste my weekends cleaning...

... I rather go sailing, biking, kitesurfing, crossfitting og just hang out with my friends og read a book… Or just have hangovers ;)

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