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start "Upcycling" Business

I made 3 wreaths from old recycled fabric and old clothes. They turned out so cute,I almost dont want to sell them,especially the ones made with my kids old clothes. You can see them @ Junkmans Xwife FB page.

read to my kids everyday

I noticed last at my last Goodwill visit all of the AWESOME BOOKS that people are just throwing out,so for the heck of it I put a request on my FB saying “Hey,before dumping any old children’s books at Goodwill please save some for my kids!” I had only two responses,but WOW,did we get a ton of new books! I am THRILLED to have revamped the bookshelf! I suggest you asking your FB friends too!Yes,it might piss someone off that you are asking,but someone just might care enough to respond and bless your kids up too!! It was worth asking!!!Happy Reading!:)

going to see Chris Robinson in concert in Athens GA!:)

We did it!It felt like the movie “Detroit Rock City” for a minute as we were in an assembly line passing bottles of water back and forth to our overheated van,but we made it,met Chris in the parking lot of the hotel!

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