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Enroll in Voice Class ASAP
Open and Out

“What??! I can’t hear you!” was a recurring ring in my ear today as I was performing a scene from Mrs. Klein. What has happened to my voice? I thought I had made some progress but the hard realities that a voice teacher from England told me, of not skipping vocal exercises even for a week, hit me hard. Today my teacher in this workshop (amazing, inspiring, man), had to keep reminding me of my current vocal size being inaudible on stage. I go up again in a day when the workshop ends but meanwhile I need to start immediate work on my voice! ahhhh…..wait, I mean AAAHHHHHHH…..

attend a Meetup (read all 2 entries…)

Last Thursday I was in the park downtown sitting on a bench near someone with a beautiful voice strumming on his guitar singing passionately. There was barely any sun seeping thru in this early part of the evening. I had gone there to memorize some lines but then felt in the mood to write about my current events. I was there for an hour when I got a text message on my phone. It was a classmate from my French class texting me from a meetup at place in the eastvillage, but I was content in my spot at the park and not that interested in going. A few minutes later another mate called me insisting that I stop by. So I ended up going . I must admit this time it was quite enjoyable. I wasn’t there long but it made me decide to go to the Monday one that was happening at a restaurant that I like in the lower eastside. So yesterday I went. The atmosphere was lovely and there was a great mix of francophiles to converse with. Glad I gave it another shot b/c it does help me in my application of the language, with my “creative” grammar and all;)

Go Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center this winter
yet another season slides by

What can I say I‘ve hovered over that railing and watched them sliding, falling,spinning and turning away. Something I haven’t done since I went to a rink with my friends in middle school…but even then I never did do the sliding, turning or acrobatics part but more the falling, hanging onto friends and the railing. So another winter skating season has gone by and I never made it onto the roc skate rink. I need point to a date and make an event of this now for next year with some friends.

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