beat my speeding ticket

Rhode Island has this thing where you can plead guilty with a good driving record. I did just that, showed the court officer the certified copy of the driving record, and the judge just dismissed it! Yay!

Ride my motorcycle coast-to-coast

If I want to accomplish this goal, I’ll need to do some work on my motorcycle, because when I rode it this weekend, it had a few issues. It’s 21 years old so problems are to be expected, but these will need to be fixed if I’m going to ride it 6000+ miles in 2 months.

1) The biggest problem that I noticed was that the clutch felt like it was going to start slipping, so this winter I’ll need to inspect it and probably rebuild it.

2) Then all the cables with rubber on them need to be replaced, because they’re cracking.

3) Now both tires have slow leaks instead of just the front one. It’s not something that I’ll need to fix, but I’ll need to be aware of it while I ride.

4) Lastly, the starter motor has a strange problem where it won’t shut off. I need to remove a side panel and disconnect the battery before it will stop. That need to be fixed, especialy considering how hard it is to jump start the thing.

Donate blood
11 units so far and counting

I’m 24 and I started giving blood in High School, so I’m up to 11 lifetime units now. I had to take a year off when I got my 1st tattoo and I can’t donate again until next March because of my 2nd tattoo, but it’s something that I’ll definitely keep doing when I’m allowed to.

Learn to weld

I learned a little bit of MIG / TIG / brazing in college shop, and I even taught the basics (not TIG) as a TA, but I never really got good at it. I’d love to take a welding class and really learn how to make good welds so that I can eventually go build random stuff in my garage without having to bring the pieces to a shop to have it done.

join the Mile High Club

A more dangerous route would be to earn a private pilot’s license and then join the mile high club… I really need to finish getting my license as well!

Drive across the USA
Next summer!

I’m going to do this next summer on my motorcycle! I’ve wanted to do it for a few years, and this week I finally made up my mind. Hopefully people will want to come along with me, but that’s not really the point. I have a travelling companion of my father, but he won’t be able to get the WHOLE time off work, so maybe for a week here and there we’ll ride together – I haven’t looked into it, but he thinks that renting a bike every so often will work out…

So early next summer I’m going to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic, sometime later watch it set over the Pacific, and then come back to see it rise on the Atlantic again… I plan on camping on a beach, whether or not it gets me a citation :-P

I’ll save money by bringing some of my own food along and camping, and I’ll waste money on a souvenir from each state :-P I’m also not limiting myself to the USA, I’d be willing to take a side trip through Canada, maybe after I hit up Niagara Falls.

It’s all I’ve been thinking about all week, I can’t wait!

learn to fly planes

I have 37 hours behind me and I got my first solo cross-country trip out of the way, then I went to college and stopped. Someday I’ll earn my private pilot’s certificate though…

walk on the beach

Did it this past Monday (but not the first time)... I’ll admit that I did it alone, but it got me thinking about lots of things, and I loved it.

Doing this with someone special at night would be wonderful.

Get a tattoo

2 tats so far and I want more…

go on a road trip with no predetermined destination

I’ve done this twice. Once I was alone, and I really needed to think; I even had the radio off for about 8 of the 10 hours of driving that I did. Started in Troy, NY and ended up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. From there I drove to Mt Washington, NH and then back to Troy. In Cape Elizabeth, I got up early in the AM and drove to a state park (free) and sat there all day watching the ocean. I didn’t drive Mt Washington because it was too much money. I’ll do that someday (adds new goal).

The second time there were 3 of us, and we only got to Wilmington, VT-ish, but it was a much more roundabout route, and it was TOTALLY worth it; I got to know those people really well, too. We woke up before the sunrise, watched it from a 100-mile view, and drove home.

Both times I slept in the car in some random parking lot because I didn’t have the $$ for a hotel room and it was too late anyways.

Buy a map, gas up, pick a direction (N, S, E, W) and go! You only really need a weekend to find some amazing stuff.



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