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read the Harry Potter series
Everyone else around has

So everytime I turn around everyone is talking about these books. I have seen all the movies, but haven’t read the books yet. I hope to find some time to do so soon.

be like my mom
What A Woman :o)

I strive to be like my mother. She is nice, warm-hearted, thoughful, caring, strong, intelligent, family-oriented and so much more. She is that person you hug and you just don’t want to let go, she is that person you feel so calm and warm around. She will be proud of you no matter how much you screw up or disappoint her. She is that person who’s presens you just can’t get enough of. I love my mommy. She is simplily the best!!!

take up photography
What a wonderufl way to tell a story :o)

Pictures are a wonderful way to tell stories. I have not be formally trained in this, but would love to get a great camera and just snap picture every where I go. I would love to create a blog about it and just post my picutre up for the world to see. Ahhh, it is nice to dream, hopefully one day it will become a reality.

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