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  2. 2. stop biting my nails
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  3. 3. stop procrastinating
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  4. 4. Win a crown
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  5. 5. be a beauty queen
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  6. 6. learn sign language
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  7. 7. learn how to speak a new language
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  8. 8. Find passwords
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  9. 9. create my own layout
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stop biting my nails
H E L P !

Can someone please give me a few strategies on stopping my nail biting.

I’ve tried:

1. Constantly putting on hand sanitizer to train myself.
2. Discipline.
3. Ignoring my hands.

But its not really working.
Anymore ideas??

`[x] KaNiiQu3 a.k.a. JuJu

get kissed in the rain (read all 2 entries…)
Quick ?

`[x] Has anyone ever experienced this before??

`[x] KaNiiQu3

get kissed in the rain (read all 2 entries…)

`[x] I wanna do this.
I love the rain.
Its so free and beautiful.
And Kissing seems like a wonderful thing.
I would love to have them compacted together.

Its all I dream about…..........

And I already have someone in mind for the job.

`[x] KaNiiQu3


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