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Be a super sexy, super fit, size 4!
Super Sexy!

My good friend Tiffany and I have been working out together so that we can both be at our “goals” by cold weather. My goal is a size 4.
Just 1-2 more sizes to go!!!

Be able to have a conversation in American Sign Language
American Sign Language

I love ASL. I think it is a beautiful language that everyone should learn.
I know some ASL right now, but I’d like to become fluent enough to carry out a conversation.

Have my first kiss (read all 2 entries…)

It happened!!!

I went to visit my boyfriend Sean in Utah…

So… Sean didn’t know I was coming… I planned it out with his Sister, Anna, so I could surprise him…

I showed up at his house around 1, and Anna called him down from his room.
When he was walking down the stairs, he noticed me… Haha, his face went completely white, he sunk down a little bit, and he kept saying “Oh my god” to himself.
Then he regained his composure and came down the rest of the way and hugged me for like a minute…
We talked and laughed for like 5 minutes, then hugged for a while more…
until we found out his dad was in the family room right below the kitchen (where we were), and then we went up to his room.
Haha, he gave me my birthday present (a little pink care bear. It made me laugh), then we sat on his bed and he played guitar hero for a while and we laughed and talked some more.
Then he went to take a shower, so I talked to his dad for a bit.
When he got out of the shower we went for a walk and ended up at his friend Adam’s house.
We hung out there for about an hour…
as we were walking back, he stopped and turned to me and said “do you know what I just realised?... I haven’t even kissed you yet” and then we kissed.

It was the perfect moment. So so SO worth the wait.

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