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  1. 1. i want to become a photographer
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  2. 2. Take photography classes
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go on a sailboat
Aura Lee

My grandfather and grandmother lived on a beautiful little boat named Aura Lee. i went sailing with them and i loved every minute of it, except for Tuesday… red sunrise. red in the morning sailors warning, red at night, sailors delight. my grandpa taught me that. :] (there was a storm on Tuesday)

go rock climbing
So Much Fun!

i went rock climbing, not professionally, but in Arizona i went with my cousin, we had a guide named Matt he was lovely. I wish i could remember the name of the mountain/cliff. The view was spectacular. and then i lost my shoe. i would recommend wearing good shoes…

Take photography classes

i would love to begin photography classes as soon as i save enough money. Lovely idea.


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