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  1. 1. 100 things about me
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  2. 2. 100 things i love about my husband
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  3. 3. only eat when im hungry
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  4. 4. be a better example to my little brother
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  5. 5. skydive
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  6. 6. Kiss in the rain
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100 things about me

1.i hate liars
2.i will secretly be mad at you if you break a promise..
3.i love my friends
4.Callie is my silly bitch!and my best friend
5.i have a fish named Mody Dick Nemo Shamoo Jaws III I know long name for such a small fish
6.i hate camping..I see no point in it
7.drama annoys me.
8.I hate toothpicks,eggs, and hot dogs
9.I don’t like people who seem fake
10.I have a bad habit of thinking everyone is judging me I guess that’s me judging them
11. I only eat in a certain order I don’t mix my food
12.i always laugh
13.i cant hide my feelings..
14.i like to go to the mall.. But never make up my mind about what to buy
15.I don’t like bad teeth
16.i dont like flying
17.I break things
18.I loose a lot of things but
19i am scared of losing someone close to me
20.Im not good with changes
21.my favorite color is PiNk
22.I love taking stupid pictures
23.i like being kissed in the rain
24.i am a sucker for sweet talk
25.i tend to make alot of mistakes
and i usually repeat them
26.Meangirls is my favorite movie
i know every word
27.I bite my nails when im nervous
28.i like to make lists but never show anyone
29.sweet text messages put me in a good mood
30.I cry when im really mad, frustrated or sad
31.I love my boyfriend more than anything
32.i love the ocean
33.i will always do a dare because the truth questions scare me
34.I would rather someone be mad at me than disappointed in me
35.im impatient
But there are things I could wait on forever
36.I get jealous easy
But try my hardest to hide it
37.i love doing peoples make up
38.I love reading
39.Talking is my favorite!
40.I try to be positvie
But the glass is never half full
41. I only like the red and purple skittles. And pink starbursts
42. I name things like cars and computers.
43. Im determined to find a quote or a song that can explain how I feel
44. I cant find anything to wear with out throwing my clothes all over the floor.ever.
45. I procrastinate. And then end up not doing it even at the last minute.
46. If my finger nails arent painted I get self conscious of people looking at my hands
47. I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. 1,945.
48. I love brushing my teeth. I have 10 toothbrushes and they are anywhere you can imagine.
49. I refuse to wear yellow. It makes me feel like an Easter egg.
50. I wont sing for anyone..the only people that have heard me sing are close girl friends and my mom.
51. Playing video games put me in a HORRIBLE mood.
52. I hate talking about how fast time goes by
53. I cant cook. The dog wont even eat my brownies.


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