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  1. 1. Give 1,000 Cheers in 2014
    3 entries . 19 cheers
    1 person
  2. 2. Do 100 push ups, sit ups and squats a day.
    2 entries . 21 cheers
    1 person
  3. 3. Sing in front of a crowd
    2 entries . 58 cheers
    290 people
  4. 4. Give a Poetry Reading
    1 entry . 46 cheers
    1 person
  5. 5. Take Art Class
    1 entry . 44 cheers
    9 people
  6. 6. Become a Master Gardener
    2 entries . 54 cheers
    52 people
  7. 7. Go to College and get a Masters degree
    33 cheers
    1 person
  8. 8. Learn sign language
    33 cheers
    8,514 people
  9. 9. Run up the "rocky steps" in philly
    34 cheers
    20 people
  10. 10. Catch Frog Eggs with my kids and Watch them Grow
    1 entry . 24 cheers
    1 person
  11. 11. Re-Visit Catalina Island
    1 entry . 17 cheers
    1 person
  12. 12. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
    1 entry . 13 cheers
    2,743 people
  13. 13. volunteer at a soup kitchen
    1 entry . 46 cheers
    235 people
  14. 14. Watch the sun rise and set at a beach.
    2 entries . 48 cheers
    1 person
  15. 15. Watch every movie that has won the Academy Award for Best Picture
    1 entry . 9 cheers
    1 person
  16. 16. Go to a Counting Crows concert
    1 entry . 8 cheers
    3 people
  17. 17. Take a picture a day, for a year
    25 cheers
    17 people
  18. 18. Own a yellow house with a white picket fence.
    2 entries . 11 cheers
    2 people
  19. 19. Run a 5k
    3 entries . 23 cheers
    2,779 people
  20. 20. Walk Point Defiance 5 Mile Drive before I leave WA
    2 entries . 13 cheers
    1 person
  21. 21. Get a 100% on cleansweep (http://www.betterme.org/cleansweep.html)
    6 entries . 10 cheers
    2 people
  22. 22. Get my teeth fixed
    4 entries . 10 cheers
    774 people
  23. 23. 100 songs with meaning
    21 entries . 13 cheers
    1 person
  24. 24. Learn to Bellydance
    10 cheers
    586 people
  25. 25. Become an early riser
    2 entries . 19 cheers
    232 people
  26. 26. Visit all 50 states
    1 entry . 5 cheers
    9,050 people
  27. 27. Raise happy and healthy children
    4 entries . 17 cheers
    9 people
  28. 28. Write a novel and publish it on Amazon/ebook
    4 entries . 11 cheers
    1 person
  29. 29. Lose Weight
    11 entries . 8 cheers
    41,976 people
  30. 30. Simplify my life
    7 entries . 20 cheers
    1,202 people
  31. 31. Create a home with an inviting, joyous, comfortable, loving atmosphere.
    7 entries . 19 cheers
    4 people
  32. 32. Read all the Newbery Award winners
    5 entries . 8 cheers
    18 people
  33. 33. Visit Death Valley, California
    1 entry . 12 cheers
    1 person
  34. 34. Knit and Crochet
    3 entries . 9 cheers
    3 people
  35. 35. Learn to sew
    1 entry . 19 cheers
    4,077 people
  36. 36. Make a mix CD of songs my mom loved
    1 entry . 8 cheers
    0 people
  37. 37. Go to ComicCon
    16 cheers
    57 people
  38. 38. Create a wall mural in the hallway
    8 cheers
    1 person
  39. 39. Be a Secret Santa to a Family in Need.
    14 cheers
    1 person
  40. 40. Take up Camping
    12 cheers
    1 person
  41. 41. Become a Millionaire
    1 entry . 8 cheers
    1,911 people
  42. 42. Learn a new Language
    2 entries . 12 cheers
    2,141 people
  43. 43. Learn 365 New Recipe's
    12 entries . 23 cheers
    1 person

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Give 1,000 Cheers in 2014 (read all 3 entries…)
500 Cheers In

My first month didn’t go so well. I didn’t decide on this goal until later on and so I only got 40 cheers in or so. After realizing I had no control over cheers and not doing all to great the next month, I lowered the goal. Well, I did awesome in March and walked away with 222 cheers. I know others pull in way more but for me that was the highest I’ve given in all the years on here.

As of today I’m over 500 cheers in and only half way through the month. Already I’m out doing last month and hopefully I can give more than 222 cheers this month.

It isn’t that time consuming, even though I’ve added in reading entries and at times commenting to them. I’m hoping to comment to even more entries in the future.

Catch Frog Eggs with my kids and Watch them Grow
Bull Frogs

So, I went through a list of frogs that are native to the state of Washington and came up with the Bull Frog as one of them. It is not an actual native but it is here and it is considered an invasive critter/pet. Because of that you can catch as many as you want without a license. The issue is that you can not transport the eggs or tadpoles or the frogs live. They can be caught, killed and used for food or bait and that is it.

So, that throws the idea of getting the most well known frog for this project. They make the worse pets, I know that, but I was hoping to grow some and cook up some frog legs later on. At least we can still catch them and eat them up!

run a 5k (read all 3 entries…)
Run or Dye!

Last year we wanted to do the Color me Rad 5k and didn’t because dh said we would not be living in the state during the time it was to happen. Actually, they changed the date during registration and it moved to the time frame. Well, we never ended up leaving and the kids were bummed about not being able to go to it. Well, Alicia found another one for us to do but I didn’t sign up the kids this time. I think I’m not going to take them on these very serious ones and that I’m going to work on the ones that cost a bit less. This one was 22 dollars so not that bad. Normally they run 30 dollars and up. I would have had to pay the 22 for Adrian also and he is only eight years old and that seems like a lot of money for a small child to run. So, I’ll be doing this one on my own with Alicia. Bri and Natasha didn’t sign up but that is okay.

So, the run is at the end of June. I signed up on the 5th of this month so in total I’ll have a bit over three months to prepare. That is not a lot of time for me since I really wasn’t running to begin with. I mean, I was running last spring and then just kind of running this past August and September. I haven’t really been running this winter due to the weather and the treadmill killing me. Plus, I’ve not been at the gym due to my back injury. In short, there is a lot of work and training that needs to be done and I need to get it done quickly.

I’m going to work on three different things. First, the elliptical, then the treadmill and finally the road. I’m starting with the elliptical because it is the easiest on my joints and I want to work it while I’m losing weight. I’m hoping to be at least 20 pounds lighter and I’m hoping that weight loss will help with preventing injuries. Until then the focus will be keeping myself injury free while trying to build up my endurance and leg muscles. This is a big thing. When I first got on the elliptical I was at a resistance of six out of twenty and couldn’t even do 3.1 miles in under 35 mins. I’ve now worked my way up to a level 12 out of 20 and can do 3.1 miles in under 30 mins. It has taken me about four months to get here though and my goal is to do 3.1 miles at a level 20 in under 30 mins. Granted, I also need to be working all of my legs and when I do this I’m only doing the top half so I need to switch things up some.

Once I can get through 35 mins of moving at a decent pace (one that is higher then the slow walk I normally do), then I want to move onto the treadmill and attempt walking, jogging and then running on there. From there I’ll attempt the road. I’m hoping that I’ll be attempting the road by the start of June since I know that actual running is going to be harder on the road then it will be on the treadmill.

I know that in September I was walking on the road and doing a 5k in about one hour and three mins or so. I think on the treadmill I got it down to 60 mins flat before getting injured (foot). My goal will be to reach at least 45 mins which would mean just under a 15 min mile.

I’m going to check out other 5k runs, cheaper ones and I’ll give those a try as practice and will post if I find them and do them. Will also post on my training progress.

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