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  1. 1. get in better shape
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  2. 2. Fall in love with the best man
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  3. 3. be loved
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  4. 4. get kissed in the rain
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  5. 5. learn to walk in heels
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  6. 6. visit NYC
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  7. 7. Go to a Beyonce's concert
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  8. 8. get a tatoo
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  9. 9. take a photo every day for a year
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  10. 10. compile a 100-things-about-me list
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  11. 11. Visit a Boiler Room
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  12. 12. Visit USA using Work&Travel
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How I did it
How to get a new hair cut
It took me
2 weeks
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get a tatoo
Inner me

Is very important for me to have something that represent my personality, only me. Something, that will be stay with me forever as opposed to people in my life.. Something, that will be remind me who I am. In that case, I think I won’t regret of what I’ve done when I was young. Now, I try to understand what I want, I’m thinking of my phrase ‘Persistence begets strength’(on my native language sounds like ‘Упрямство порождает силу’) but on Latin.. I begin search for a people, who can help me translate this prase right, because it will be on me forever.
Wish me good luck.

compile a 100-things-about-me list
Me, Myself & I

I don’t know myself yet. I can imagine who I am, but can’t correspond to it. Maybe I will know a lot of things about me, after this goal will be done. Let’s see,it’s interesting )

learn to walk in heels
my height+heels = 189 cm....And what?!:)

I’m very tall, so usually I wear flats. I looove heels so much, but I feel myself not confident when I wear them. So, I will try to walk in heels, whatever everybody says!

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