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take better care of myself
One day at a time!

I’m checking this off as done, but really it’s something that I’m working on every day. I have changed a lot about how I live though as far as diet, exercise & self-care, so I felt like it was time that I crossed it off my list. I feel like I’ve achieved a lifestyle change & changed my priorities. Definitely something you have to choose to do every day, but definitely worth the effort too.

Pay off our credit card debt.

I made the first entry about paying off our credit card debt 7 years ago. Over that time, our finances have been all over the map & we still have credit card debt. But we’re still plugging away. We recently refinanced our home & are saving almost $600 a month on our mortgage because of our new, lower interest rate. And we’re much better about staying on top of our budget & bills. Our credit scores have both improved tremendously.

With our revised budget, I project that we’ll be out of credit card debt in just under 2 years & should be able to pay off our car loan early as well. For anyone who is trying to do the same, we’re using an approach much like Dave Ramsay’s “debt snowball” to pay off the credit cards. He has a good program on his website, though personally our family’s not going to some of the extremes that he suggests.

I found that working on budgets & finances was very intimidating & stressful at first. But once I got into it, that changed. Now I find that I’m much more relaxed in general & feel much more comfortable talking about money. The whole process has been very empowering. If there are any ladies reading this who need any help sorting out financial goals, I would suggest that you check out for some solid information.

lose 10 lbs (read all 2 entries…)
10 down, more to go...

I joined a martial arts gym in November & have been working out a lot. The pounds have been slow to come off, but I love the classes I’m taking & I’m feeling really good. I have a lot more weight to go, but just dropping the first 10 pounds is a big accomplishment for me & has helped keep me motivated.

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