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learn to make pierogi

I want to learn how to make my traditional family pierogi recipe vegan so that I can eat them again.

beat trichotillomania

I began pulling out my eyelashes in 1997 at the age of seven, and I have made infinite bounds of progress since that point. Trichotillomania has been the source of some of the deepest despair thoughout my life.

I am virtually pull-free, but it is still definitely a process so I chose not to mark this goal as “done” quite yet. Other people’s crooked eyelashes still set off alarm bells in my mind, and every few days I will accidentially pull out some eyelashes without realizing I am doing it. A beautiful accomplishment in itself is that right now I actually HAVE enough eyelashes that pulling out one or two is not noticeable. Years of bald eyelids have made me feel truly blessed to be at this point in my life.

Yoga and pranayama plus a deeper spiritual life have helped me the most in growing my eyelashes without the little ego-voices begging me to rip them out. May we all help one another overcome this oft-neglected disorder!

learn astrology

I never felt that my personality fit the typical Capricorn mold, and thus shunned astrology, but Starsky & Cox’s interpretation of Capricorn in their book “Sextrology” (which includes detailed personality interpretation too, not just the sexual aspects)was the first time I felt astrology resonate with me. After investigating my birthchart, (Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, Libra Ascendent)I have begun to understand some of my lifelong tendencies and come to a more holistic understanding of myself that reaches deeper that a magazine definition of my horoscope.

I have become obsessed with all the intricacies of astrology that will take me years to learn. I want to join my analytical mind with my inherent psychic tendencies. Almost all of my planets are in Cancer or Capricorn, polar opposites, which explains many of my bipolar tendencies and the despair I constantly feel from being pulled in two distinct directions.

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