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  1. 1. finish the remodel
    2 people
  2. 2. move on with my life
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    60 people
  3. 3. Learn Japanese
    10,808 people
  4. 4. Go on an Alaskan Cruise
    224 people
  5. 5. Organize everything.
    46 people
  6. 6. have plastic surgery
    82 people
  7. 7. Lose 60 lbs
    467 people
  8. 8. get published
    2,192 people
  9. 9. go to japan
    3,758 people
  10. 10. learn photoshop
    1,533 people
  11. 11. go on a cruise
    4,764 people
  12. 12. paint the kitchen
    37 people
  13. 13. write a book
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    31,310 people
  14. 14. Finish my patio Garden
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  15. 15. Learn to surf
    8,137 people
  16. 16. build an eco-friendly house
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    112 people
  17. 17. Finish Northshore Inline Marathon
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  18. 18. exercise daily
    2,323 people
  19. 19. stretch every day
    562 people
  20. 20. do past life regression
    169 people
  21. 21. Take a road trip across the USA
    297 people
  22. 22. meditate more
    652 people
  23. 23. go sailing
    732 people
  24. 24. go hot air ballooning
    136 people
  25. 25. scuba dive
    2,507 people
  26. 26. sleep on the beach
    397 people
  27. 27. Swim with dolphins
    8,300 people
  28. 28. go horseback riding
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    626 people
  29. 29. Visit haunted places
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    26 people
  30. 30. paint for a living
    3 cheers
    4 people
Recent entries
move on with my life
He's Gone

I need to realize that it’s time to move on. Obviously choices were made months ago that I must come to terms with.

My health is again poor, I have no job, very little money, the broken promises, the threats of never seeing her again….

For months I have put this off and even tried to forget it even happened. I just thought he was that guy. I mean, we were SO fricken happy for so long but in reality it was a one sided thing for many months.

Well, come to find out for longer than I thought.

I know it’s not gonna be easy to finally face the truth of everything that was involved but I need to find some kind of peace with it.

I know by doing this I may lose her too and I don’t know if I’m ready yet but I’m forced to try. I can only hope she will remember me when she is older.

As for him, he forgot about me months ago. Well, he SAYS he hasn’t but actions speak volumes and last night I got the message loud and clear.

I hate this but I suppose when your so far down like I am now it can only get better. Right?

I can only hope.

Buy a flex-fuel or Hybrid car

Honda Civic Hybrid.

43mpg city driving.

How can you go wrong???

Get a massage regularly
Muscle Relief Massage

Her name is Nancy and he hands work wonders. I buy a package of 6 at a time and use them throughout the year. My body loves me for it.

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