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  1. 1. Be a better vegetarian
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  2. 2. Read more
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  3. 3. workout consistently and get my best body ever
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  4. 4. live simply
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  5. 5. get my passport
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get my passport
a passport

so I never have to pass up a once-in-a-lifetime oppertunity for travel.

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I feel like I never have the time! But things that are worth doing, we make time for. My goal is 12 books in 2011. 1 Book each month. I think this is realistic and attainable! :0D Time to decide book #1!!!

Be a better vegetarian
trying to be better...

I’ve been completely meatless for almost a year, including fish. But I keep finding those dam* hidden meats! So I’ve switched my body lotion and my shampoo/conditioner – if I don’t want it IN my body, I don’t want it ON my body either! And for the new year, my focus is to be cheese. You know 80% of cheeses are not vegetarian??? no, I’m not vegan. Do a little research on enzymes used in cheese production and keep the faith! You’re all doing great!!


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