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  1. 1. meet my sister in person
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  2. 2. become able to survive on my own with my kids
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  3. 3. live in the moment, enjoy the good times and quit worrying over the shitty ones
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  4. 4. breathe more take more time for me
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  5. 5. reduce my environmental footprint
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  6. 6. declutter get rid of stuff I dont need
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  7. 7. inspire others to be happy
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  8. 8. learn more about paganism
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  9. 9. live, not merely exist, without so much fear
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  10. 10. find peace of mind from the pain in my past
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  11. 11. learn to make pottery
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  12. 12. create a quilt
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  13. 13. climb a mountain or a very large hill..LOL
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  14. 14. swim in the ocean
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  15. 15. Get my High School Diploma
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  16. 16. like myself more
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  17. 17. travel around scotland
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  18. 18. paint more
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  19. 19. forgive
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  20. 20. Visit B.C.
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  21. 21. list 43 things that i like about myself
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  22. 22. find at least one thing each day that makes me happy
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  23. 23. Get to know myself
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  24. 24. disclose 43 random THINGS about myself
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  25. 25. Practice Yoga
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  26. 26. Find a new family doctor
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  27. 27. Come to a place where I can accept that I am not perfect and be ok with it...
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  28. 28. write a book
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  29. 29. learn how to make stained glass
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  30. 30. lose the weight i need to lose and keep it off
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  31. 31. Only allow people to matter to me that I matter to
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  32. 32. find a nwe place to live and accept I may be alone there
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How I did it
How to accept death
It took me
1 day
It made me

How to stop allowing people to make me feel less about myself
It took me
35 years
It made me

How to stop buying bread, just make it!
It took me
2 years
It made me

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become able to survive on my own with my kids (read all 9 entries…)
decision set in motion

it has been almost 2 weeks since I told my husband I wanted a separation…he hasnt accepted yet but I feel freer.. The sooner I can move on the better…it will be a battle with him I know and I am sourcing a good lawyer as I will need it…until the end of june we have agreed to not say anything to kids.. for me it was to let them enjoy the remainder of school without the added stress of a move or anything, for him he hopes to convince me to stay I think..but I cant I dont want to…I need to be happy and it isnt happening here…

lose the weight i need to lose and keep it off (read all 2 entries…)
20 pounds!!

I am down below 200 pounds for the first time in 11 years!!! YAY!!

Today I started aquafit.. it was awesome.. aerobics and yoga done in the water :)

I am really feeling for the first time some hope to seeing the size I want again.. but trying to be proud that I am 2 sizes smaller already :)

discover my purpose in life (read all 2 entries…)
not necessarily my purpose but some fulfillment

I love my job.. it is tedious and hard and full of emotional pitfalls but.. damnit i love it.

I make a difference I have a set of clients I care for that have early stage ALzheimers and even though there memories are gone most days they remember me.. I come in and it may take a few seconds but then they say OH its you!! yay! They request me :) That feels good!

I spend my days holding hands of people who are dying way too soon.. and I matter to them I make their lives less painful just because I care for them…

One assignment can do nothing for himself, and he rarely if ever speaks I walk into his room and he smiles, he holds my hand when he is scared when we are moving him and it calms him.. and he speaks literally conversations to me.. tells me I am a good girl and nice and about his cat at home, even called me good looking one day.. WOW! The nurse was dumbfounded, he never reacts to much, but for me he eats his dinner and lights up when I laugh with him,

I have found where I am supposed to be, it just took me 35 years and a group of people who most write off as hopeless to show me where I belong :)

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