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  1. 1. ask Brandon out
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  2. 2. be a professional dancer
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  3. 3. go to australia
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  4. 4. to go to paris
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  5. 5. be the best soccer player in the world (not even close)
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  6. 6. fall in love
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  7. 7. get more money
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  8. 8. learn arabic
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  9. 9. be skinnier
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  10. 10. lose 15 pounds
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be a professional dancer
i think im good

i think im good, my sister thinks i am really good. she says i can shake it like shakira. i would go otu for things but again

i am afraid of embarrassing myself.

be the best soccer player in the world (not even close)

i am o.k. at times and i suck at other times. i want to be the best but am not willing to go out for teams and challenge myself. i want to do it all on my own. if i do it on my own i will not be inbarrassed by people who are better than me.

learn arabic

my uncle is from lebanon so of course he is fluent. it is just a weird thing i want to do.

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