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  1. 1. Cheer up! It gets better when you try.
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  2. 2. Be famous
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  3. 3. Go back to chicago
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  4. 4. Fly to brittain
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  5. 5. Be happy
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  6. 6. Be a professional dancer
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Become a model

I really think i could do it if i woked hard enough. I am the sexiest you’ll ever meet. look out cuz you can’t beat this.

Cheer up! It gets better when you try.

If i keep my head to the floor all day then it’ll never get better. so i keep my head high and dreams first!

give advice

Sometimes doing it on your own is the best way to go…Then times come along when you need help.Everyone needs it!Anything ur goin through> i’ve done been there, done that. So you can ask me, but i’ll tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear.


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