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  1. 1. write a great song
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  2. 2. complete my cd project
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  3. 3. take an impulsive road trip
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  4. 4. start a record label
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  5. 5. call people back
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  6. 6. find my voice
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  7. 7. Run with the bulls
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find my voice
Muted Tones

whatever that means… I guess I’ll know when I find it, or it finds me.

complete my cd project
...Years in the Making

Recently picked 12 songs from a pool of about 75 that have been written, worked on, picked at, scraped then started over, re-mixed, re-played, re-sampled, and otherwise re-tooled over the years. After all of that, I hope to finish the damn thing soon. I tend to lose interest after being “hot on” something for a while. Here’s to procrastination…

write a great song

Still working on my “Yesterday”, “Every Breath You Take”, or “Purple Rain”. If I could write a song with as much impact as one of these, I’d could move on and do something else.

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