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  1. 1. not have shitty credit
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  2. 2. pay off credit cards
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  3. 3. fix my credit
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fix my credit
How can I do it?

Yes, this is not simple situation… One wrong step, overdue payments and then you have to spend years to improve your credit history. Good credit points become the most important goal in your life. And now this happened with my life :-( Now I want to find opportunity my points to improve. How can I do it?

pay off credit cards
like a squirrel in a cage

When I was young and inexperienced… Or in other words when I first time had taken credit card I had no idea, what does it means: pay off credit card. Student can always find a job. And certainly nobody will give student a big credit. But then this became more serious and more complicated: your incomes become greater but your wishes too. When you pay off first credit, you take another, then pay it off and take next credit and so on. You feel like a running round squirrel in a cage. But in spite of everything all this credits had given me chance to take here and now that, on what I must work for years.


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