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just made gluten free banana bread

pay off credit card

So this will sound like some real “duh” advice but I am going to try to pretend I don’t have the credit card. I will still make payments but I hope I can get by without using the card. I know some people will put their card in the freezer to avoid using it but I can’t do that in case I have an emergency.

clean my house
small steps

I signed up for this thing called the January Cure on apartment Each day I get an email of chores to do and the goal is to have a clean and organized home at the end of the month. So far I am digging it and I hope I don’t slack.

Take shorter showers

I want to do this to not only conserve water but help my skin. Hot water is not helping my dry, flaky winter skin.

see if my dog can be a therapy dog (read all 2 entries…)

I signed my 2 year old toy poodle about 6 weeks ago for the training class. Every Thursday for an hour she worked on the various goals for the test. I was amazed at how eager Dolly was to learn new things. It was only $100 and then today she took the therapy test and the canine good citizen test which cost $40. I am looking forward to bringing her with me to work and also volunteer at various places. I work with adults with developmental disabilities so they will be very happy to get visits from Dolly! I highly recommend this to everyone that has a dog..even if you feel they might not pass…they can take the test over and over.

see if my dog can be a therapy dog (read all 2 entries…)
Happened just like that!

So I tend to be a dreamer and I’ll talk about doing things for a long time before even trying to do them..sometimes I don’t which is one of the reasons I’m on 43things.
Wednesday night(late like around midnight) I was checking out a website for a dog trainer that 2 of my friends recommended. The site was awesome and the trainer seems like a wonderful person so I sent an email asking what steps to take to train my dog. The trainer wrote back right away and asked if my dog could follow certain commands like sit, stay, down and if she could walk nicely on a leash..and if she gets along with other dogs. I fibbed a tiny bit and said she knows all the commands (down is not mastered yet) but I did not have to lie about the fact that she loves all dogs. When I checked my email the next morning, the trainer said there was a class starting that night and would we like to join them. Due to my anxiety, my first reaction was, oh, that’s kinda soon…when is the next class? Then I thought about it and it worked with my schedule so why the hell not?!
That night, Dolly and I made our way to the center and I was nervous we’d get kicked out or something. She’s a 2 year old toy poodle and she’s not around many people or dogs so when she sees them she gets majorly excited. The class was fun and there were 8 other dogs and the first night was about getting to know the dogs and for the trainer to see how they handle everything. It involved a lot of interaction with other peoples’ dogs which was interesting for me…especially handling big strong dogs when I’m used to my 7 lb poodle! Nobody like her high pitched barking but I’m hoping that will go away once she gets used to the excitement. We have 5 more classes to go and it was only $100 which was way less than I anticipated.
I realize that if Dolly doesn’t pass the canine good citizen test it’s not the end of the world. Now I found a trainer I like (who’s a retired vet to boot!) so I can keep working with her until she’s able to come with me to work!

get certified in laughing yoga
good news

I received an email that the laughing yoga certification is now available online!! Yay! Now all I have to do is come up with the money for it and I’m good to go!

get rid of clutter
My Staycation

Usually I get a break from work in the winter due to snow days but we haven’t had any snow (not that I’m complaining!) so I made my own snow days. I have a lot of vacation time and decided to take time off to work on the house. Usually when I take scheduled time off it’s because I’m having surgery or something less fun. It has been blissful because I am tending to things I have wanted to tackle since we moved to this house (which will be 2 years in June). I read a very helpful book (Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui by Karen Kingston). Actually I read so many articles and books about clutter that it’s kind of hilarious. I kept telling myself if I just stopped reading and dealt with my crap I could actually have people over. I find watching an episode of any kind of hoarding people is a great motivator. I can’t watch that show without tidying up even during the show. Lucky for me there were no dead cats in my house…that would be tragic!
So far I have taken many things to Goodwill which has felt pretty awesome…usually I just put things in bags and boxes for someday but I made that someday happen a lot sooner by putting them in the car. Of course after I made the donation I found myself wandering around the store but was proud of myself that I left empty handed.
My toy poodle is not completely house trained (or she’s just lazy!) so I am using this stuff called Eww to treat the stains. Once everything is off the floor, I will rent a Rug Doctor and go to town on the carpet.
I have also invited people to come over to give me an extra incentive to clean up. I find writing to do lists and also writing down stuff I already did helps me feel like I’m accomplishing things.
Hope this helps someone if they are looking for some inspiration.

make macaroni art
started as a joke

So imagine my surprise that when I typed this “goal” out I was the only person!! While emailing a relative we joked about making Christmas presents. I told her nothing says Merry Christmas like gold painted macaroni art…it really cracked me up. So, for a joke I will make her something and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and maybe even quite zen. Maybe I’ve inspired others..well, if anyone reads this..ha, ha.

check my bank account every day so I won't be so scared
tiny progress

My style of money management sucks! I usually don’t check my account balance because it makes me too nervous but in this case ignorance is not bliss. Yesterday I saw what little I had to work with until next pay day. The night before I bought a really pretty sweater from Target. When I looked at the label to see how to wash it I saw it was made of rabbit hair. I decided to return it…I’m not down with animal cruelty. Maybe there are humane ways of obtaining rabbit hair but I decided this is what I had to do. Thankfully Target is very good about returns so I got my money back on my debit card! I really need to limit my spending.

learn to draw
Baby steps

I have a lot of art books and supplies but I never seem to sit down and create anything. Last night I was looking at a book, How to Draw Anything” and was trying to do one of the exercises. I did get a little frustrated because I seem to be very challenged at perspective and how to draw to scale. Although I didn’t complete it I was still very happy that I put some effort in!

learn sign language
"crash" course

It just so happens that I work with adults with developmental disabilities…I just started working with a woman who is hearing impaired so I told her she will be my teacher! I have some books so I’m going to try to learn as much as possible but sometimes it’s hard for me to see how to exactly position my hands.

Clean the litterbox more often
Rock the cat box!

I had to clean the litter box on a regular basis…otherwise Lucy would decide to pee in other places. Cats have a strong sense of smell and if their litter box is grossing them out they won’t use it. I clean the litter everyday. I use the scoopable kind and I also mix in baking soda to absorb the odor. I hope this helps somebody!



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