Kristen Sutterfield

is relaxing after work

lose 25 pounds

fatty lose weight,,,,
160 i want you to be 135

finish the books I've started

I’m reading several books right now. Its sad, but i love them all and want to read them all. And i can… if i ever had time or motivation to pick them up. ill get in groove where all i want to do is read. so i read 4. at the same time. then i get out of that and then theres 4 books left to be finished…

be positive
negative nancy

I’m such a downer. I need to be positive. I need to borrow peoples viewpoints so i can see it the way a positive person would see it.

find the man i'm gonna spend the rest of my life with
new year, new men

I’m going to try and be my best self and actually go out on dates. It could be fun. I believe my Mr Right will probably be out doing the lame things im doing..



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