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  1. 1. Get a Chelsea hawk
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  2. 2. lose ten pounds
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  3. 3. Get more piercings
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  4. 4. dye my hair an unnatural color
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  5. 5. have better posture
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dye my hair an unnatural color
new color for my chelsea hawk!!

purple or turquoise or pink..
i can’t decide!!

Get more piercings

hey guys
i love getting piercings

i have 3 in each ear, lobes stretching to 1/2”
and i have snakebites and my septum pierced

i want to get a monroe
and cheek piercings

i will when i get enough $$$

lose ten pounds
im a fattie D:

i’m obese and i should lose some weight.
i’ve had a thinspo folder for a while and a friend who knows lots about diets, and it hasn’t helped.

i want to lose a bit of weight before school, and i’m really going to try now.

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