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get my lip pierced
"hey mom, i'm getting my lip pierced when i move out!"

“ew. lacie, that’s gross.”—mother dearest.
that won’t stop me, haha. and i know how nobody will expect this from me. but it’s something i want. i don’t need a certain “style” to get it done. i just have a few,3 more years to go. when i’m moved out of the house.

hug someone you don’t know and say “thanks for last night”

it’ll take a couple drinks for me to ever do this, which, i don’t drink. someone dare me.

learn to drive
sorry, neighbor. =/

alright. so i’m not old enough for driver’s ed yet. my mom decides to take me out to drive. and i HAVE been driving before. i just can’t get anything down. lol. [i mean..i forget how to work the turn signals and how to put it in reverse].i freak out behind the wheel, i get easily distracted, and today, i backed out of the driveway only to hit the neighbor’s trashcan. ohh. i’m horrible. 4 months to go before i can take driver’s ed.

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