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  1. 1. read the Quran regularly & consistently
    53 people
  2. 2. Get organized
    6,538 people
  3. 3. get married
    21,353 people
  4. 4. exercise regularly
    10,861 people
  5. 5. Save money
    16,489 people
  6. 6. Be Focused And Determined And Make Things Happen
    342 people
  7. 7. stop wasting time
    3,653 people
  8. 8. Give more and take less
    13 people
  9. 9. Read more books
    11,845 people
  10. 10. get out of debt
    12,196 people
  11. 11. 1. Finish a part of the Quran read 4 pages after each prayer
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How I did it
How to start running regularly.
It took me
11 months
It made me

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reminder to let go of this duniya an work for the akhirah
Akhirah Vs Duniya

which do you desire this short present life or the long lasting akhirah with its tremendous rewards

concentrate in prayers
I did it

it is important not to be distracted, by outside things, when you pray to Allah you have to have total focus and concentration, your full attention has to be on your pray get in the zone block all thoughts and distraction don’t let shatian distract you

pray 5 times a day in the mosque
Pray as you have seen me pray

it should always be borne in mind that god does not need man’s prayer, because he is free of all needs. he is only interested in our well being and prosperity and well-being in every sense.

what does prayer do for man?
it strengthens the belief in existence and Goodness of God and transmits this belief into the innermost recesses of mans’ hear


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