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travel around the world (read all 7 entries…)

So I’ve added a few more spots I’ve visited on my world map. Seems like Bali and especially Gili islands has been the bestest place I’ve seen on Earth beach-holiday-wise. I really wuld enjoy going back there some time… Singapore on the other hand was the best ever place i have seen urban-wise. Really fantastic.

The next trips planned for now:
A short visit in Greece (comming soon)
A winter holiday in Vietnam-Cambodia (I think this will finish off my Asian map for now at least because other continents need to be seen).

Looking forward to those two trips big time now :)

Swim with dolphins (read all 3 entries…)
i missed my chance on it :(

I had totally forgotten this goal of mine! i actually had a very good chance to swim with dolphins this year. we visited India and one day we were walking the beach when this crowd of dolphins came by. my friends jumped into the ocean and i stayed on the shore. could have made this goal come true, huh? well, maybe next time :) maybe on our holiday in Bali? :)

have children (read all 6 entries…)

our life lately is so stressfull and active… our bedroom life has become not that important no more… new apartment, work, vacation planing, friends have taken all the time…
i want us to get our little sexy world back and i want us to have a baby. i know the baby will come when the time is right. as long as it’s healthy and strong :) but i already am waiting :)

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