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How to reduce my plastics use and make my home greener
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2 months
It made me
More responsible

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make a fabulous tutu!
SO Fabulous!

I watched a youtube video on it and OMG they’re so easy to make I could do it for a living and make bagillions. Anyway, it’s fabulous, I can proudly boast that I made it myself, and wear it in public cuz damn it, people SHOULD wear tutu’s if they feel like it!

reach my first weightloss goal
So fast it's ridiculous!

I started taking Plexus Slim 9/10/13 and in 5 days have lost 10lbs and Idk how many inches! Still goin!

6 weeks in and I’ve lost 21lbs. 35 more to go…

Send a message in a bottle (read all 4 entries…)

It was tossed into the mouth of the “D” River in Lincoln City Oregon and we watched it float out to sea. I hope to someday hear from the person who finds it. I’m curious where it will end up!

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