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make a fabulous tutu!
SO Fabulous!

I watched a youtube video on it and OMG they’re so easy to make I could do it for a living and make bagillions. Anyway, it’s fabulous, I can proudly boast that I made it myself, and wear it in public cuz damn it, people SHOULD wear tutu’s if they feel like it!

reach my first weightloss goal
So fast it's ridiculous!

I started taking Plexus Slim 9/10/13 and in 5 days have lost 10lbs and Idk how many inches! Still goin!

6 weeks in and I’ve lost 21lbs. 35 more to go…

Send a message in a bottle (read all 4 entries…)

It was tossed into the mouth of the “D” River in Lincoln City Oregon and we watched it float out to sea. I hope to someday hear from the person who finds it. I’m curious where it will end up!

identify 100 things that make me happy.
My 100

1. hugs
2. kisses
3. sunshine
4. people watching
5. drawing
6. writing
7. reading
8. chatting/talking to people
9. travel
10. food
11. going for a drive
12. sitting in trees
13. sand in my toes
14. the sound of my ocean
15. words of encouragement
16. genuine smiles
17. genuine compliments
18. selling my work
19. volunteer work
20. helping people
21. being thanked
22. being forgiven
23. good hair days
24. soft textures
25. beautiful color combinations
26. kids laughing
27. happy babies
28. teaching
29. learning
30. people in love
31. memories of good times
32. making memories
33. getting people to do weird things with me
34. old books
35. baths
36. being in nature
37. playing with kids
38. editing
39. publishing
40. the way he looks at me
41. peacock feathers
42. polka dot shoes
43. being a mother
44. feeling important
45. music
46. day dreaming
47. shopping for others
48. cooking when I don’t have to
49. puzzles
50. family game night
51. making lists
52. all things Christmas
53. meeting new people
54. giving gifts
55. receiving thoughtful gifts
56. flowers
57. sleeping naked
58. lingering in the comfort of bed on a sat. morning
59. a good mocha
60. financial security
61. cosplay
62. NA meetings
63. a good work out
64. swimming
65. playing with hair
66. fun socks
67. growing things
68. remembering things without post-its
69. a clean house
70. new hats
71. giving to charity
72. hiking
73. lessening my negative impact or the earth
74. good sex
75. exploring and inventing foods
76. his cooking
77. doing things right
78. doing what’s right
79. finding that I’ve inspired someone
80. kittens
81. watching fish swim
82. dried flowers
83. adding to my collections
84. good reviews
85. epiphanies
86. profound words from my child’s mouth
87. fairy tales
88. oddities
89. silly songs
90. playing on play grounds
91. painting
92. sculpting
93. spontaneity
94. candle light
95. Christmas lights
96. footie pajamas
97. forgiveness
98. new ideas for stories
99. mushy movies
100. completing things

Send a message in a bottle (read all 4 entries…)

Originally the plan was to toss it at Niagara Falls but that trip was canceled, then into the Platte River, but we couldn’t gain access to it due to construction after a flood, then there was a drought so it had to wait longer. Now, we are planning a trip to the west coast in March so it will go into the ocean where bottled messages really belong. :)

get a new car (read all 2 entries…)

The old one blew a head gasket- over heating, burning and puking antifreeze everywhere, cutting power. It had a stripped motor mount, a hanging muffler, big ugly dents, wonky gauges and fuses for head and blinker lights….. more but who wants to go back there when they don’t have to? I got a new Nissan Quest and love it. It’s so nice to be able to drive the kids safely to school and will be perfect for traveling which…if anyone reads my list I plan to do a lot of soon. Definately glad I checked this one off finally. Only wish I could have been able to do it sooner.

fly a kite
A road trip is in sight!

March 8th we will be headed for the west coast. It will be a working vacation but hopefully this will be on our to-do list while we’re in the area

try an ostrich egg omlet
you've got mail...

I couldn’t find a restraunt around here that makes them so I emailed a local ostrich farm to see if they sell the eggs. Now I wait! :D

leave random postits with little messages around the city like fortune cookies (read all 2 entries…)
My elf

My daughter, a freshman in one of our city’s many high schools has gotten on board as my little post it elf. We launched “Project Post-it” last week beginning with her taking a stack to school. We will continue with our mission of inspiration until at least 500 notes have been posted.

be the change i want to see in the world

It is, as it should be, a work in progress, but it has begun. I have contacted a local shelter for women and children and they are urging me to intern in the advocacy program. When business picks back up and my husband needs less of my time hustling work I have committed to doing that. Compassion and charity are the things I would most like to see more of in the world so as I wait for my internship my family is buying and gathering items from the shelters’ needs list for Christmas. I want to instill a deep sense of thankfulness and compassion in my children as well. Kids are our future and we can’t expect the world to change if we don’t set a good example and give real thought to the legacy we leave behind.

get a new car (read all 2 entries…)

So broke right now! I wanted to be in something at least newer by winter! On the up… a weekend road trip has convinced me that getting a car, though gas saving, would have been a huge mistake. I am resolving in the next year (not for new years cuz that’s just a set up for failure) to add more and do more on my list which is going to involve a whole lot more traveling with kids. I’m so not doing that in a car! When work picks up in February I’ll be shopping for a mini van. Hate to be one of those mom’s but I can’t escape the reality that I am the busy mother of 3 very active (and irritable in their tweens and teens)young girls. Maybe in a few years when my eldest goes off to college I’ll go back to a sporty little car… until then though, life is what it is.

leave random postits with little messages around the city like fortune cookies (read all 2 entries…)

I’ve bought about 1000 postits and written about 150 messages on them. All are inspirational quotes of one kind or another. My hope is to have them done in time for next weekend. If it has to be done 2 weeks in a row to make it happen then that’s what I’ll do!

treasure hunting in costume

So much fun! We took the kids geocaching in pirate costume all afternoon. Unfortunately it seems there is a cache bandit in town so we didn’t actually find any treasure, but we did make memories of loads of fun! I recommend this!!

find out how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop
*** licks!

That owl cheated and curiosity has taunted me my whole life. When they brought back the vintage commercial I knew the time to commit was near. I won’t tell you how many licks it took cuz I think that’s something everyone should explore for themselves. But I’ll tell you it was less than I expected. I did however keep all licks to one side of my lolly pop which made it faster. I wanted to finish before I left the store bought it at and I was able to. My husband and kids enjoyed watching me reach my goal asking every few minutes “how many now.”

It was worth doing and I recommend it for anyone who was ever curious or just loves a good lollypop. :o)

buy something too expensive
My wedding!

It was aa huge expense with things we didn’t use including a fabulous party dress which alone could be a something too expensive but it was amazing and I don’t regret a single penny spent.

Go to the circus
The bears

It wasn’t the circus experience I had always dreamed of. It was great for a modern day I guess but I’ve grown up seeing creepy skulky drunk clowns and side shows and oodles of animals doing crazy tricks. On the other hand I probably would have walked out if I had seen something like that.

There was an elephant and 2 bears in the show. The dancing elephant was great but the bears made me so sad. They rode bikes and motorcycles and walked on balance beams. I kept thinking about how unnatural it was for them to wear clothes and be on leashes walking around like people. What did they have to do to them to get them to learn those tricks? How many times did they crash and get hurt learning it? They belong out in nature not on display pretending to be people.

I think about how much seeing many animals like that would have effected me and if circuses hadn’t gone all PC I’d have probably freaked out over the side show too. Anyway, I went, I ate cotton candy, and my daughter wants to join this new pc circus when she grows up. I wish the acrobats would have flown like they do in circuses in other countries. That’s really what I wanted to see.

grow my potatoe plant (read all 4 entries…)
It sprouted!

I planted it a week later and the first sprout has started coming up out of the soil. I’ll post pix when it gets big enough to look like something. They make such lovely house plants and best of all they make food :)

grow my potatoe plant (read all 4 entries…)
In the potty

I got my pot, painted it, named it (Spotty the potty, planted it, and now the waiting… The purpose of this is a lovely house plant but my kids planted one in a dish to be transplanted to a bucket to grow actual potatoes i n the house. I’ll keep the progress on that updated too. :-)

Send a message in a bottle (read all 4 entries…)
The message

The message is written on a scroll and is in the bottle awaiting a trip to the river. It reads as follows…

Sorry you didn’t find a genie in this bottle, but if you read and apply the contents of this message you will find your life fuller and richer than a wish someone else granted for you…

When was the last time you climbed a tree, went back to school, published a book, jumped in a pile of leaves, made a gourmet grilled cheese, or did any random or meaningful thing for the sake of doing it?

When we leave this world, we take only two things with us- memories and regrets. The biggest injustice we can do ourselves is allowing for more should haves than happy memories.

Take a moment, remember that thing you always wanted to do and do it! Live life to absolute capacity and go beyond.

Then find me and tell me what you did.

Lady Thaomi at

I can’t wait to send this!!!

grow my potatoe plant (read all 4 entries…)
So much for that

My potato was a dud. I’ve got a new one rooting and in the meantime I got a pot and soil. Today I paint the pot. I’m glad I had that set back cuz I would have ended up with my beautiful plant in a boring pot.

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