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How to find More Kindred Spirits
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How to find a style that I like, and repluses people too.
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improve my eyesight

I’ve started doing two excercises that will work my eye muscles, so I’ll tell you how my eyes feel in a bit. ;3

Fall in love (read all 2 entries…)
I'd rather feel pain then nothing then all.

I’m probably a macocist. I mean, I’m happy (as happy as I can be, content.) and peaceful. I’ve seen what love does for everyone- well, I love everyone, but this romantic love.

Everyone freaks out and it creates a never ending sea of drama that I’d rather not get washed away in. (I’m not a good swimmer.)

But of course, I want to experience everything once, before I’m gone. So this is on my list- I don’t care about feelings being returned, just to know I can feel the sterotypical feelings would be refreshing.

get a yellow belt in tae kwon do (read all 2 entries…)

This up coming friday is my belt test, probably. ;o

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