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let him go
He cheated on me i just want to let go

i was with him for 8 months… i don’t consider the time as a relevant thing in a relationship… some couples love each other more in 1 week than others that are like for years… ok here’s the thing… he got a plan to make me broke up with him…. he did it… we were over n he’s with a girl that supposed to be my friend… before we hated each other but in the end we were such a good friends… now they are together n when i was with a new guy he sent me my stuff like my favorite doll… but it was burnt and cut n had some things wrote in her forehead… now he talks bad about me… he wants to destroy me he wants to leave me with no friends no love … he wants me to be alone…. the hardest part of this is that i had never hurt him i only wanted to make him happy…. but i wasn’t enough n he doesn’t deserves me ….

i really need to let him go... i know he's the worst person ever... but i still love him... i don't know why... =/ i'm such a fool...


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