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  1. 1. travel around the world
    5,200 people
  2. 2. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
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    21,522 people
  3. 3. be a better person
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    3,941 people
  4. 4. help the world
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  5. 5. make more money
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  6. 6. Read more books
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  7. 7. own a vw bus
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  8. 8. plant a tree
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  9. 9. buy a vw bus
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  10. 10. organize my room
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  11. 11. learn to draw
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  12. 12. see the northern lights
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  13. 13. learn a new language
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  14. 14. To live instead of exist
    11,499 people
  15. 15. write a book and have it published
    2,684 people
  16. 16. do 100 push ups
    121 people
  17. 17. save more money
    3,044 people

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How to stop drinking soda
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learn to draw
Always a perfectionist

There have been so many times that I’ve wished I had the ability to draw well. But I’m always a perfectionist and afraid of being judged, so I could never get over the hurdles of starting out. I really enjoy it, until I realize how badly the picture turned out. Then I just get discouraged and don’t want to try again. I’ve found different tips for drawing animals and things, and I have an older brother that has always been amazing at it, so I can look to him for advice.

My starting goal is to get at least one picture drawn and digitally colored each week. Maybe I’m setting it too high? At least two colored a month.

be a better person
What I need to improve

I get short and snappy sometimes. I get grouchy and irritated when pushed too hard or irritated with jokes that bother me. I don’t think I’m terrible, but this is not who I want to be either. I want to try harder to help other people and the world. Though I do put other people before me, I want to do it more often. I procrastinate and waste too much of my life. And sometimes I’m plagued with “know-it-all” syndrome.

I think these are the things I need to change to be a better person.

go on a road trip with no predetermined destination

I’ll do this once I get my license (currently on my learner’s permit), a good vehicle, and when I feel confident in my driving ability which I consider to be most important.

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