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List 43 Things I hate (read all 2 entries…)
My Bucket List... So Far...

Bungee Jump

Get a Tattoo

Dive with sharks


Go Scuba Diving

Cliff Dive

Pay for Someones Groceries

Go up in a hot air balloon

Fire a gun

Get out of a car and dance when the light is red, get back in before it’s green

See an eclipse

Ride an upside down roller coaster

View a meteor shower

Get a plane ticket to a random place without planning and just go

Watch the sunrise with someone on the beach

Visit Ground Zero

Jump off a high place into water

Stand in two states at once

Donate Bone Marrow

Donate Blood

Witness a wedding proposal

Let go of 100 balloons at once

Marry the love of my life

Ride in a helicopter

Visit Pearl Harbor

Polar Bear Plunge

List 43 Things I hate (read all 2 entries…)
25 things I hate... #1

1.) People who can’t back up anything.
2.) Waiting 9 months to a year for him to come home on leave.
3.) Little girls who get pregnant.
4.) Really bad hypocrites.
5.) Girls who break up a couple.
6.) People who have profile pictures with half or barely any clothes on.
7.) Someone tapping their pencil or constantly clicking their pen.
8.) People who chew and don’t brush.
9.) Flaunting your money.
10.) People who act like your friend.
11.) Snitches.
12.) Skanks, sluts, hoes, whores, etc..
13.) Loud people while others are trying to learn.
14.) Guys who confuse us girls.
15.) Work.
16.) Getting sick.
17.) Drama.
18.) Thefts.
19.) Rude/disrespectful people when your nice to them.
20.) High priced things.
21.) Family/Friends passing away.
22.) People not covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze.
23.) People swearing in front of small children.
24.) Commercials.
25.) Spongebob/Dora- I think they make kids stupid.

More to come…


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