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10 years after introducing 43 Things to the world, we have decided we have met our last goal: completing the incredible experience that has been 43 Things. Please join us in giving one last cheer to all the folks who have shared their goals with the world, as well as all the people who have worked at The Robot Co-op to build this incredible website. We won a Webby Award, published a book, and brought happiness to a lot of people.

Starting today, 43 Things users can export their goals and entries from the site. Starting August 15, we will make the site “read only”. 43 Things users will still be able to view the site and export their content, but we won’t be taking any new content from users. We hope to leave the site up for folks to see and download their content until the end of the year. Ending on New Year’s Eve takes us full circle.

It has been a long ride (one of our original goals was to "build a company that lasts at least 2 years” - we beat that one!) While we wish the site could live on, it has suffered from a number of challenges - changes in how people use the site, the advertising industry, and how search engines view the site. We wish the outcome was different – but we’ve always been realistic about when our goals are met and when they aren't.

As of today, you will be able to download your goals and entries. See more about that on the FAQ page. Thanks for 10 great years of goal-setting and achieving.

- The Robots.

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just remembered about 43 Things after being gone for over a year!

I'm doing 35 things

LearningNerd's Life List

  1. 1. learn everything
    1 entry . 10 cheers
    116 people
  2. 2. Never stop learning
    1 entry . 17 cheers
    4,054 people
  3. 3. become a morning person.
    6 entries . 9 cheers
    1,487 people
  4. 4. Learn MySQL
    4 cheers
    373 people
  5. 5. master CSS
    1 entry . 6 cheers
    711 people
  6. 6. Learn Spanish
    5 entries . 6 cheers
    18,259 people
  7. 7. learn PHP
    3 entries . 3 cheers
    1,497 people
  8. 8. learn to draw
    8 cheers
    2,398 people
  9. 9. Get more people to read my Blog
    8 cheers
    701 people
  10. 10. Improve my Grammar
    1 entry . 8 cheers
    181 people
  11. 11. expand my vocabulary
    4 entries . 10 cheers
    2,660 people
  12. 12. Work out more
    3 team members . 6 entries . 2 cheers
    930 people
  13. 13. become more flexible
    2 entries . 4 cheers
    564 people
  14. 14. Be a better blogger
    3 cheers
    1,362 people
  15. 15. Write more
    1 entry . 11 cheers
    3,812 people
  16. 16. learn to sew
    5 cheers
    4,064 people
  17. 17. make my own clothes
    3 cheers
    2,307 people
  18. 18. learn the secret of being content in any situation
    6 cheers
    55 people
  19. 19. Become a pirate
    2 entries . 9 cheers
    462 people
  20. 20. drink more water
    1 entry . 2 cheers
    20,173 people
  21. 21. overcome my aversion to phones
    1 entry . 5 cheers
    107 people
  22. 22. become fluent in spanish
    5 cheers
    2,518 people
  23. 23. Kiss in the rain
    8 cheers
    15,004 people
  24. 24. learn photography
    2 cheers
    2,906 people
  25. 25. Take more pictures
    1 entry . 5 cheers
    15,312 people
  26. 26. improve my juggling
    3 cheers
    54 people
  27. 27. live a minimalist lifestyle
    1 entry . 3 cheers
    312 people
  28. 28. get better at DDR
    1 entry . 3 cheers
    169 people
  29. 29. Make an endless list of random, silly things I need to do before I die (because there's no room on my main list)
    4 entries . 7 cheers
    2 people
  30. 30. Re-learn the math I forgot from school, and learn how to do math I never learned in the past
    4 team members . 3 entries . 9 cheers
    50 people
  31. 31. Submit my writing somewhere and receive a rejection letter (which I will then get framed and hang on my wall)
    1 entry . 8 cheers
    4 people
  32. 32. Read more books
    1 entry . 5 cheers
    11,828 people
  33. 33. Learn to knit
    6 cheers
    3,823 people
  34. 34. be better at math
    189 people
  35. 35. learn calculus
    1 cheer
    236 people
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become a morning person. (read all 6 entries…)
Should I just give up on this already...?

I woke up early every single day for a full month, and it just made me tired all day. Not only that, but I had constant headaches. :(

Maybe I just need to redefine my goal. I can be a morning person without waking up early, right? I mean, I guess the real point of this goal for me is to be more productive in the morning. It’s just so tempting to start playing video games right away, and next thing I know, it’s 5:00 PM. (No, that doesn’t really happen that often, thankfully!)

become a morning person. (read all 6 entries…)
Almost a month now since I started getting up at 6AM

Every single day, no exceptions! Well, except for a couple days where I woke up at 6 and then went back to sleep at 7 or 8. And the many other days I took a nap in the afternoon.

But this morning I woke up at 6 and even though I decided to go back to bed, I couldn’t fall asleep. Could it be that I was actually (gasp!) not tired?

That would be a miracle! Because since I started this on August 1st, I’ve been tired all day long almost every day. I tried getting everything from 7 to 10 hours of sleep, and it never seemed to make any difference.

Anyone have any ideas as to why waking up earlier would make me so tired?

become a morning person. (read all 6 entries…)
Motivated again!

A while ago I didn’t feel well one day, so I broke my perfect record of waking up at 6 every day after about a week. Then I couldn’t go back! Things came up that messed up my schedule, then laziness set in, and before I knew it, a few weeks went by!

But I realized a few days ago that I have less than a month before college starts. =/ And if I’m not waking up early by then, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

So, feeling motivated again, I vowed to stick to my early schedule every day, starting August 1st. So far so good! :)

And it’s not just waking up at 6. It’s waking up at 6, doing some exercise before breakfast, keeping busy so I don’t take a nap, going for a walk around 4PM, and always getting to bed by 9:30. Every single day until school starts. After that, I’ll see how I can work my personal schedule around my school schedule.

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