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April Bootcamp 2014: Coming into Bloom (read all 3 entries…)
Big trip

We are starting our long holiday this Friday! Can’t wait! Lots of places planned during our 18 days! Can’t wait, I hope everything will go well as we only get on the flights if there are seats available (airline staff travel). Fingers crossed! Took my dog to Hungary last weekend, she is enjoying the spring and greenery there. Met my best friends and family and generally had a great time. Bought lots of new clothes for the trip! I am planning to take my sport clothes to do a bit of exercise there. Will be back in May!

April Bootcamp 2014: Coming into Bloom (read all 3 entries…)
Little achievements

My car is ready! We will go tomorrow to pick it up!
I am done with a translation I had to do for an animal rescue organization.
Had a lazy day at work, not much to do today and had a good sleep in the afternoon.
Now I am off for a walk with the dog but she won’t like it because it’s raining.

April Bootcamp 2014: Coming into Bloom (read all 3 entries…)
It's gonna be an exciting month

This is the month when I should focus on getting more exercise again. And cutting down on sweets, at least a bit.

The main focus will be this month on our big holiday. We are planning to go to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, French Polynesia and Cancun. Depending on flight availability too, but that’s the plan. Can’t wait for it! Only 16 more days to go!

And the week before that, I am going to go for a weekend to Hungary. Have an appointment for dermatology. Looking forward to that too because I always have a good time in Budapest!

This week I am without my car because last week a crazy driver crashed into me, so my beautiful car is in the service now, and I am hoping it will be ready in 1-2 days. Life is really boring without it.

And now I am off for a walk with my husband.

Try 20 new restaurants in 2014 (read all 6 entries…)
6. Al Sanbouk, Doha - Qatar

We went here last Friday for brunch and we absolutely loved it! It was a smaller restaurant, but the food variety was excellent and everything tasted great. Lots of choices of vegetarian and fish foods. Service was extraordinary. And I loved the decoration! It was a fantastic choice! Icing on the cake was the white chocolate fountain!

Read 'Head over heels' by Jill Mansell
Jill Mansell: Head over heels

It was a good easy read, I enjoyed it!

March Bootcamp 2014: Blueprint for Success (read all 4 entries…)
Last day of March

My business trip got cancelled. The group went anyway, but without me. Since they traveled on another airline, I didn’t get approval. Anyhow, not the end of the world. Another opportunity will come.

The food festival this year wasn’t good at all. Only good discovery was a caramel flavored popcorn and it was really great!

I did bootcamp a few times but definitely not as much as I wanted.

However, it’s April tomorrow and a new start!

Try 20 new restaurants in 2014 (read all 6 entries…)
5. Lina's, Doha -Qatar

I was really hungry today and came here to eat something. They had lots of sandwiches, some pastas and dessert. I chose the Four cheese pasta. It was not too bad, but a bit too heavy for my taste. Ambiance was nice tough, waiters kind and polite, service fast.

43 new experiences in 2014 (read all 5 entries…)
5. Watching rugby

I had to work at a rugby event and this was the first time for me to watch rugby. Not my kind of sport for sure, but the even was fun!

March Bootcamp 2014: Blueprint for Success (read all 4 entries…)
17 March

Last week I started with my healthy breakfast plan, I ate yoghurt with muesli and fruits. For tomorrow I already made my oats. After this I should slowly change to healthy lunch as well. Unfortunately no weight loss yet. I really feel uncomfortable now and it’s so discouraging that nothing is happening. But hope it will change.

Last weekend my mother visited and we did a nice tour of Qatar, discovered some new places as well. It was great!

Yesterday I met with the rescued dog, she is doing well, no longer thin. And she is such a beauty.

Next week I am going to London for my first ever official trip. I will be escorting a student group. I am really curious how it will be. And hope they will upgrade me to business class and I will have the chance to try it on Qatar Airways.

This weekend there will be a food festival in Doha which was really good last year, lots of great foods. This year it’s about healthy food so it should be even better. I will surely be going a few times.

Go to Fuwairit beach
Fuwairit Beach

Last Saturday we went on a Qatar road trip with my mother and we found this beach easily. It’s on the Northern part of Qatar. I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to reach it with a salon car, but it was accessible, I only had to park around 200 m away from the beach. It was a very nice place, only Westerners around. Once the weather gets better I will surely go back.

Try 20 new restaurants in 2014 (read all 6 entries…)
4. Aristos Rottnest Island, Western Australia

We had an early lunch here and although I didn’t expect anything extraordinary, the Falafel burger was fantastic! I could eat it anytime!

Try 20 new restaurants in 2014 (read all 6 entries…)
3. Damasca One, Doha

It’s a huge Arabic restaurant in Souq Waqif. I loved the decor. Best is to sit outside or on the first floor, next to the window. The guy who took our order looked light he doesn’t care at all, but strangely we got everything we wanted. Except when I wanted something else, they forgot. Food was good. Atmosphere nice. Service a bit slow, but okay. Wouldn’t mind going back.

Read 'Two's company' by Jill Mansell
Jill Mansell: Two's company

This again was an enjoyable book!

March Bootcamp 2014: Blueprint for Success (read all 4 entries…)
05 March

I didn’t have any success with my healthy breakfast plan as I didn’t shop, but will try to make up next week.

Went for a long walk with my husband twice this week.

No dinner.

This weekend I will be going home to Hungary! Unfortunately I couldn’t get any appointment with my dermatologist or dentist, so those will remain till next time.

And the London trip at the end of the month is becoming more sure! I can’t wait!

This week I did something good as well: I saved a dog. I was walking with my dog, when I saw a little pup (well not so little, as it’s going to be a big dog, but still a puppy) hiding under a car. I couldn’t just leave her there, she would have gotten hit by a car very soon. I gave her some food and water, then got on Facebook and contacted all animal lover people if anyone could help. In little more than one hour found an owner. I followed up on her yesterday, she is doing well. I only regret that I couldn’t take her, it was an extremely beautiful, cute and kind dog (although aren’t they all?).

March Bootcamp 2014: Blueprint for Success (read all 4 entries…)
Marvellous March

I have lots of plans for this month.

First, to adopt to better eating habits. I would like to eat more protein, but can’t stand the idea of eating eggs. So I will try with fresh fruits, yoghurt and little muesli together for breakfast. I also started liking walnuts, so I will eat that as snack with cranberries instead of chocolate and cakes. And will have to try eating less bread.

Last month unfortunately I didn’t do too much sport, but I will make up for it this month. Still the weather should be ok, so I will continue with the bootcamp.

Other plans for March:

- my mother will be visiting
- I will go to Hungary for a weekend
- there might be a business trip to London at the end of the month
- clean the apartment very well
- cook more

Read 'To the moon and back' by Jill Mansell
Jill Mansell: To the moon and back

This was a great read, I enjoyed it a lot! The leas character Ellie is very likeable and it’s just such a great story you don’t want to stop.

43 new experiences in 2014 (read all 5 entries…)
4. Green Tea KitKat

I heard about this a few weeks ago when I was reading about Japan. So next day I asked my college to get me one from Japan, he said his mother in-law is coming shortly. So today I got my chocolate. It’s interesting. Taste is not bad, but it won’t be my favorite.

visit at least 50 countries (read all 7 entries…)
42. Singapore

Went to Singapore, spent there our anniversary. Had a great time, saw all the major sights. We were also lucky with the weather, not a drop of rain! People were kind, everybody spoke English, streets were extremely clean…the only thing we didn’t like is the food, but that’s only our taste.

Visit Singapore

Last week we finally visited Singapore. Great country, everything clean, everybody speaks English, easy to go around, nobody is trying to cheat you and lots of good sights to see. We swam in the Marina Bay Sands pool, saw the light show in the Forest by the Bay, went to the Botanic Garden and Zoo, did shopping in Chinatown, wondered around Little India, drunk Singapore Sling and fresh dragon fruit and lime juice. Great experience!

Try 20 new restaurants in 2014 (read all 6 entries…)
2. Kiskakukk, Budapest

I went here with the same friends. Still regret not trying that pancake for dessert, it looked sooo good and got a taste from my friend. I ate hot plum soup, cabbage pasta (it’s a Hungarian specialty) and chocolate souffle for dessert. All good enough, but have to go back for that special pancake.

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